How To Avoid the Bad Weather When Traveling?
December 06, 2021

How To Avoid the Bad Weather When Traveling?

It happens with every other tourist. Lousy weather events can occur anytime and can ruin their holiday plans and trips, causing delays and uncertainty. Due to global warming, weather events such as snowstorms, hurricanes, and thunderstorms have only become more extreme and unpredictable.

Perhaps you have chosen the best month to cruise the Caribbean but may find your holiday spoiled because of the severe weather situation. While you have little control over Mother Nature, you sure have full control over how you plan your trip and avoid bad weather when traveling.

Here are some tips and guidelines to keep in mind to avoid the risk of being affected by weather conditions when traveling.

  • Pre-plan with more information- Gather detailed information related to the weather events of the destination you are interested in. Study the weather reports and forecasts of a couple of months and years to get a comprehensive picture.

  • Install weather apps – It is good to install a weather app to gather regular information from weather reports and get the latest updates based on local news. The latest information can help you plan and adjust your trip accordingly. You would not want to find yourself stranded on the road somewhere because of a tornado or hailstorm.

  • Give yourself more time- Plan in advance and extend your journey by at least 24 hours. You could start a day earlier than planned to cover any delay time into journeys due to bad weather.  They will keep your mind relaxed and away from any stress levels due to the delays due to unprecedented events.

  • Have a backup plan – Things can misfire despite great planning. Thus, always have a backup plan ready if the weather looks bad. You can look for last-minute flights with a quick flight search to reach a more desirable airport or location. Sometimes, it is easier, cheaper, and safer to reach the destination by train or bus.

  • Stay calm and cool- Getting stressed or shouting at everyone around, including your family or the airline, is not going to change the situation. Keep in mind that everyone around you, the delayed travelers, airports, and train stations staff, are equally stressed due to the delays and bad weather conditions. So, take things as another experience and try to keep calm instead of shouting and swearing.

  • Carry the essentials- If out on a road trip; it is of utmost importance to carry the essentials to deal with the bad weather. For example, you should always carry first aid supplies, water, rechargeable flashlight, blankets, extra food, phone charger, tow chains, fire extinguisher, etc.

  • Take a break- If the conditions are really bad, just take off your mind from the whole trip and stay put where you are till the weather improves. Don’t hit the road or try frantically for other flights. Look for positivity and delight in the situation; for example, you could spend quality time with your loved ones.  Play some board games or have long talks to keep everyone happy and relaxed.