Prom Fashion for Men
September 02, 2020

How the Prom Fashion for Men Changes over the Years

Prom Fashion for Men

Prom party is an important event for high school students, which is highlighted in many novels and films as the ideal occasion for teenage love. Hence, the dress is an important factor in this party, which helps a young man to impress his date accompanying him on this occasion. However, the prom fashion does not remain the same all the time and it keeps changing from time to time. The designs, colors, and the fabrics of prom suits have evolved greatly over many decades.

Simple suit with a detachable collared shirt – Young men in the early decades of 20th century preferred suits made of light fabrics, mostly in the shades of black, charcoal, and navy blue. In the later years, men wanted to wear suits with single-breasted jackets containing narrow lapels and high buttons, which could be matched with straight trousers in their prom parties. They wore button-down shirts with detachable club collars, to wear with a silk suit and a tie.

Sloppy trousers and leather jackets – The students of Oxford University introduced the fashion of baggy or loosely-fitted trousers, with creases in the front side and cuffs at the bottom hem, which were known as Oxford Bags. They started wearing this kind of trousers with belts in the 1920s decade, along with button-down shirts having pointed scrub collars that were detachable. They also started the fashion of Windsor tie knots, which also became popular in prom party attire.

Fashion following Elvis Presley – During the era of 1950s, young men preferred the fashion statement started by Elvis Presley, the notable American singer of that time. They loved to wear tightly fitted black or white t-shirts, baseball t-shirts with leather jackets or bomber jackets, paired with black or blue denim and army boots.

Fast-changing scenario in men’s fashion – The fashion trends were changing very fast in the 1970s when men started liking bold colors and funky patterns on their dresses. Young men were seen wearing 3-piece disco suits, tracksuits, or bell-bottom trousers with heavy-knit jumper jackets on special occasions, along with sports shoes.

Preferences for men’s casual wear – Young men started wearing T-shirts, shorts, hooded jackets, and sweatshirts during the last decade of the 20th century. They prefer to buy button-down shirts made of flannel, leather jackets, machine-knit sweaters, and loosely-fitted denim for wearing on their prom nights. Some people also chose to wear Capri pants or parachute pants with graphic t-shirts having images of their favorite celebrity stars or logos of favorite sports teams. 

Presently, youngsters prefer rebellious designs introduced by modern fashion designers like Gentleman’s Guru, mainly for prom suits and tuxedos. Many renowned fashion designing companies have contributed to the latest fashion styles.