How The New Normal Has Redefined Air Travel
September 21, 2021

How The New Normal Has Redefined Air Travel

The pandemic has been a game-changer for the American aviation industry. But everything isn’t as daunting as it appears. Despite the initial bump when the virus first hit the world, the industry is on the road to recovery. Air travel is going nowhere as people continue to travel for business and leisure. But flyers need to understand and align their expectations with the new aviation experiences. If you have a trip on the cards, you need to understand how the new normal has redefined air travel. Here are some things you need to be ready for in the foreseeable future.
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Social distancing is here to stay

Although flights weren’t seen as the safest mode of travel initially, flyer confidence has soared after the vaccine rollouts. You can expect to fly safely as long as you follow the safety precautions and rules. As of now, social distancing is here to stay, both at airports and onboard. The rules are stringent, and everyone has to follow them. You will also have to wear your mask to dodge the virus. The online check-in facility is available to prevent long queues at the airport.

Vaccine passports will be essential

Whether you travel to a domestic or international destination, you will need proof of vaccination to board the flights. The CDC recommends delaying your travel plans until you are fully vaccinated. Your vaccination card is as crucial as your passport when flying abroad, so make sure you have it at hand before planning a trip. Airlines and airports may also have testing requirements for flyers. Do your research before booking to ensure that you need not worry about getting tested at the last moment.

Precautions start at the airport itself

Be prepared to take the precautions before you get set to fly, and they start even before you reach the airport. Ditch public transport and cabs, and commute in your vehicle to cut down exposure. Rest assured that parking will not be a problem, even at the busiest terminals like Pittsburgh. You can book Globe Airport Parking at PIT with only a few clicks. Park and reach the terminal safely with a complimentary shuttle ride. Also, take precautions like avoiding crowds and high-touch services at the airport.

Airfares may rise rather than fall

It is easy to think that air travel may become cheaper in post-pandemic times because of declining demand. But things are different as fares may rise rather than fall with flights taking off without reaching full capacity. You may have to shell out hefty amounts for international trips, so plan your budget accordingly. The prices may gradually fall later as demand grows. Right now, you can look for deals and offers to make air travel fit into your budget.

Air travel is not the same today, and it will probably not get back to usual until the virus recedes. You need to focus on safety and ensure you are on point during the flight and at the airports. A little precaution can prevent big trouble, so it is worthwhile.