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How Preparation and Planning Make Celebrations Extra Special

How the event is organized and implemented tells the success and satisfaction of the guests. Special occasions need substantial organizing and structuring to make them smoothly flowing memorable and enjoyable events. Making a plan for the event is always important in order to carry out your ideas on how you want the special occasion to be commemorated. It is to administer and set the details on how to successfully implement the program flow.

Every aspect of the event, including the flow, the party elements, food, decorations, invitations, the number of attendees, and the whole program will be executed and delivered in a calm and professional manner with an integrally simple and thorough administration and execution of the event planning. Let us discuss the most important aspects of event planning one by one:

Eid Venue Decision

The venue is one of the main subject of the event preparation. It should accommodate the number of guests, proper and matching decorations according to the theme of the occasion, and should be able to cater to the activities set for the event's program flow. But most of all, in selecting for the venue, the following should be taken into account meticulously:

  • Location
  • Parking
  • Ambiance and atmosphere
  • Safety
  • Services and Amenities
  • Accessibility

Ramadan Decorations

In connection the venue, the Ramadan decorations and set up gives the radiance and impression to the party's character. Ramadan decorations don't always have to be colorful and bright. It can also come with color palettes using dark and bold shades as long as it is well-designed and crafted. Metallic and shimmering decorative elements give glamorous appeal to every event. Choose materials for Ramadan that are presentable and elegant so that every corner of the venue will turn to a good photo backdrop.

Eid Outfits

One of the reasons why the event should be planned ahead is to set an attire threshold. The outfits make it more exciting as it adds thrill and surprises as guests and celebrants anticipate what the other guests would wear. Guests should be informed of the level of formality or spontaneity of the outfit that would suit the occasion's sentimental accords. Outfits can vary from casual, smart-casual, formal, long-gown, color-motifs, and something to match the theme of the event. Guests can dress in swimsuit, jungle- or superhero-themed attire, etc. depending on what matches the concept best.

Eid Entertainment

The entertainment should include the complete package of hosts, sound systems, lighting systems, and photo opportunities. 


The success of your program depends on the host and how they can adjust their remarks to the topic and target the participation and coordination of the attendees. 

Games and Activities

Plan which activities are suitable that would make the guests participate and have fun. Assess the guests' and celebrant's basic information such as their interests and background if possible to know which activities would suit their energies and social inclination.

Music and Lighting

The musical arrangements should accord to the level of formality of the occasion. Plan, list, and arrange which songs and musical compositions to include that are appropriate for the theme of the occasion or preferences of the celebrant. 

Intermission Numbers and Speeches

Always reserve a time spot for Special intermission numbers or speeches. Coordinate with the celebrant or with the guests ahead of the event to allocate time for the performance.

Eid Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks can be considered the life of the occasion aside from the main purpose and meaning of why the guests and celebrants are gathered during the event. Thus, the dining portion is where everyone can share their presence, meet, greet, and acquaint with each other. Therefore, researching and looking for the best caterer or chef and cooks for the event is ultimately necessary. The food and drinks should also match with the theme and purpose of the celebration and its suitability to the guests' and celebrants' diet. Poppy drinks and desserts that both adults and kids can enjoy will add a delightful sensation to the attendees' experiences.

It takes good cooperation and communication to put up a well-matched and purposeful formulation of celebration. Before taking any action, the event organizers should clearly and carefully examine these factors. Finally, when the planning goes well, the occasion will be guaranteed to impact successfully and even touch the hearts of the attendees. These five aspects, Venue, Decorations, Outfits, Food, and Entertainment activities will have the guests feel, see, and indulge in a well-created atmosphere that will leave a mark in their memories. Suit each of these aspects to the needs and like of the celebrant and attendees to make it more persona.