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How Online Play Has Changed the Casino Dealer’s Outfit

Imagine a casino dealer and you’ll probably conjure up the image of a smartly-dressed person sitting at a gaming table. While this role remains as important as ever in online casinos, the way that online play has changed casinos has meant changes for the dealer’s role and their outfits too.

Casino Dealer’s Outfit

The Classic Uniform Remains in Some Games, But Not All Have Formal Dealers

Many new types of games can be played without a dealer, and we can see how it works by starting to play Aviator, which is a plane-based betting game. Players place the amount of their wager and watch as the craft takes off, with the key decision being when to cash out before it flies off the screen. With no dealer needed thanks to the latest technology, the screen is simply filled with the action and the betting sections.

The introduction of live dealer games is possibly the biggest change in online casino games in recent years. These are games that are based on casino classics such as roulette or blackjack, with the games taking place in a studio and getting live-streamed to players across the planet.

In some cases, the dealers use the classic, elegant look with cocktail dresses and bowties among the items used. However, others take a more casual approach, with friendly dealers who look good without dressing up too formally. This gives the impression of a more approachable game where the dealer acts as a presenter who is there to entertain and interact with the players rather than simply deal cards or spin wheels.

Casino Dealer’s Outfit

The Emergence of Fashionable Dealers with Clothes That Fit the Theme

The growing popularity of game shows has also had an effect on the wardrobe of these casino workers. These games have varied types of gameplay including spinning wheels, tumbling dice, and walls that reveal mystery symbols. It often makes sense for the presenter to wear something related to the theme, like the seafaring theme on Monopoly Big Baller and the Wild West clothing that matches the appearance of the Dead or Alive Saloon.

Even the most timeless casino games like roulette are changing thanks to online play, with human dealers adapting their outfits to keep up with the latest trends. Lightning Roulette from Evolution is set in an Art Deco studio, with Britannica confirming that this distinctive style originated in the 1920s. so it makes perfect sense that the dealer is wearing an elegant outfit that blends in with this attractive theme.

Gold Vault Roulette is another variant of this game, with the unique aspect of gold bars that can add valuable multipliers to the winning number. The theme is carried out thanks to a studio setting that’s set up to look like a bank vault that’s filled with gold bars. The dealers are more like presenters in this case, as they stand next to the roulette wheel wearing stylish clothes that always have a splash of gold somewhere in them.

We can look forward to the outfits worn by casino dealers online becoming more varied and interesting, reflecting the way that the games and the industry itself are changing as new technology is introduced.