How Long to Recover from Liposuction
September 29, 2021

How Long to Recover from Liposuction

Liposuction is the most common form of cosmetic surgery performed in the United States annually. It’s estimated that over 400,000 people undergo the procedure, which is primarily designed to break up and suck fat from the body. If you’re unhappy with your weight and find you’re not getting anywhere with the lifestyle changes you’ve made, it may be time to consider liposuction at the Lipo Group.

If you’re a working professional or have young children, you will naturally wonder how long the recovery period is for a liposuction. Thankfully, the procedure is known for its quick recovery time, with many patients being able to resume their normal life after a two-week rest period. Here is a guide on what you can do to speed up the liposuction recovery process.

Take Things Easy

Liposuction is major surgery, meaning you must take things easy once you enter the recovery stage. If you’re the type of person who is always on the go, it can be hard to take a step back, but you must do so for your health and wellbeing. There will be pain and swelling after liposuction surgery, so it’s vital that you take things easy, otherwise you could be in a lot more discomfort and complications could arise. If you live with a partner, make sure they take the reins and look after you during recovery.

Hydrate Your Body

We all appreciate how much drinking water does for our mind and body, and it’s even more important when you’re recovering from liposuction surgery. It’s common to lose a ton of water during surgery, meaning you must replenish it to help hydrate your tissues. Try and aim for eight glasses of water each day which should speed up the healing process. If you aren’t the biggest fan of drinking water, there are other drinks you can try that will up your fluid intake, including herbal teas. Adding a slice of lemon or lime to your water can alter the taste and help keep you hydrated.

Watch What You Eat

When recovering from your liposuction procedure, a certain amount of bed rest is mandatory. While you may take this time to indulge on your favorite treats, junk food won’t do your body any favors when it comes to recovering. Make sure you’re following a nutritious diet that will benefit you, rather than sticking to unhealthy foods. There are tons of foods packed with proteins and antioxidants that you should factor into your diet. You should also reduce your salt intake during recovery, as it can make you appear bloated.

Wear Your Compression Garment

After your liposuction, you will be given a compression garment to wear during recovery. You must keep this on throughout the whole process, as it’s designed to reduce swelling and inflammation. No matter what area of your body has had liposuction, or the discomfort that’s associated with compression garments, you must keep it on until your surgeon says so.

Keep Incisions Clean

Major surgery like liposuction doesn’t come without its risks. Infections can and do happen, so to avoid falling ill during your healing or any time in hospital, you must keep your incisions clean. In addition to your compression garment, there will be bandages and dresses that must be regularly changed. Whatever you do, make sure your incisions are kept dry and clean. If you live alone, it may be wise to ask a family member or friend to come and stay to help you.

Don’t Smoke

There are no positives when it comes to smoking, so if you’re a tobacco user and are considering liposuction, now is the perfect time to kick the habit. Smoking is damaging at any time, but during the recovery stage, nicotine limits your blood flow and can hinder the healing process. What’s more, smoking can put you at an increased risk of infection. If you are struggling to say goodbye to the habit, there are tips that can help, such as switching to vaping in the meantime, identifying your cravings, and putting plans in place to keep you occupied.

Don’t Wear Tight-Fitting Clothes

Once you’re in the recovery period from your liposuction surgery, it’s normal that you’ll want to get in clothes that fit tighter and showcase your slimmer frame. However, you’re still in recovery and need time for your body to adjust, so avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes.

Speak to Your Surgeon

If you have any concerns about the recovery stages of a liposuction, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your surgeon. While they should’ve already explained in detail what to expect in the aftermath, you may have questions that come to you once you arrive home. Whether it’s how long until you can drive, when you can have a shower, or when you can start exercising again, make sure you get the answers before going forward.

Once your liposuction procedure has taken place and you enter the recovery period, the tips above can help speed up the healing process, helping you to get back on your feet in no time.