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How Important Is Stride Length On An Elliptical?

How important is stride length on an elliptical? It is highly important that is why you have to factor in stride length for comfort when working out. 

To get a proper workout from an elliptical machine, you have to bear in mind the stride length. How important is stride length on an elliptical? It is very critical for it determines your comfortability when having your workouts. Stride length will work out your leg movement when using an elliptical to prevent you from injuring your knees and hips.

When you have proper elliptical stride length, you are guaranteed of proper posture when working out. By doing that, you get the most out of your workout, making you maintain your fitness. The importance of stride length on an elliptical is to ensure you don’t get back injuries due to poor posture.

How important is stride length on an elliptical?

One of the most critical specifications when having an elliptical is the stride length, which guarantees an effective session. What determines the ideal stride length is your height, meaning a tall person cannot use a short stride and vice versa. An elliptical for small person should not belong because you can be thrown off balance quite easily.

How important is stride length on an elliptical? It is certainly essential because using an elliptical entail maintaining your stride for consistency during your workout sessions. You have to remain relaxed to get the most of your sessions by keeping proper posture to avoid injuries. That is how critical stride length is on an elliptical.

Understanding stride length

We might be discussing stride length, but you have no clue what it is.  Stride length is the space that separates one pedal from the other anytime the pedals are being used. When using an elliptical, the stride length indicates how far you can step during your sessions.

You may be wondering why this stride length is so important in a workout session. Well, it describes the feel you will have when working out; that is why, for instance, when you use a short stride length, and you are tall, you end up uncomfortable because of straining your muscles and joints.

An elliptical aim is to give you an enjoyable and relaxed workout that can only be guaranteed by the proper stride length. It should fit you appropriately when using so that you achieve its low impact. It is vital to note that there is no standard stride length that can accommodate everyone. To find the right one, your height is considered for excellent workout sessions.

Determining elliptical stride length

When planning to get an elliptical machine, various factors should be considered, and one of them is the stride length. The moment you overlook this factor, your comfort will be affected in addition to your overall physical fitness. It would be wise to use a machine that allows you to make elliptical stride length adjustments to fit your height perfectly.

Be keen not to purchase an elliptical whose strides are too long or short for you. It will make you have the worst workout sessions you might have ever experienced. Do not overstretch your muscles by using an elliptical whose stride length is too long. However, if you are out of shape, use an elliptical with short stride length to reap most benefits without causing any injuries.

Follow this guideline to get the appropriate stride length of your elliptical;

  • For tall persons (6' +)

Suppose you fall in the category of the tallest individuals. In that case, you need to get an elliptical whose stride length is not less than 20". This is to ensure that you get a total elliptical motion workout that will suit your workout sessions perfectly. Finding an elliptical stride length of over 20" maybe a daunting task but the good news is, you can still find some on the market with this capacity.

  • Average sized (5' 4" to 6')

You may not be tall nor short, meaning you are of average height; thus, a stride length of 19" to 20" will work out well for you. This capacity is flooded in the market, indicating that you can get the right elliptical to suit your height for the best sessions.

  • Short persons (5' 3" or smaller)

Being 5' 3" or under indicates that you can use elliptical machines having a stride length of between 16” to 18”. They are not difficult to find on the market; in fact, most ellipticals fall within this range. However, if you fall in this category but happen to have long legs, you need to go for an elliptical machine having longer stride length.


Remember that your stride length will dictate your entire workout, a clear indication that the feel of your workout will be affected if you don’t consider the appropriate stride length. Short stride length makes you feel crampy when working out, while a long one will overstretch you, and the outcome will be significant discomfort.

The best workout can only be achieved if you match the right stride length to your height. Remember, comfort is key when working out, and if your elliptical stride length is not correct, you will keep straining yourself. That means you will not be comfortable, and that can affect the outcome of your workout.

Final thought

By now, you should have the answer to how vital is stride length on an elliptical? It is evident that when using an elliptical, what determines the sessions you will have is the stride length. You cannot reap the benefits of a workout if you have not factored in your stride length on an elliptical.

Anytime you are using this machine, you should always remain in an upright position to avoid back injuries. By having the proper stride length, you are guaranteed of correct posture that supports your back such that you don't crouch. To have optimal results when working out, you cannot overlook the importance of stride length on an elliptical.