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How Has Casino Dealer Fashion Moved with the Times?

Picture a casino dealer and you’re almost certain to imagine someone wearing elegant clothing and looking impeccable. The role of fashion in the casino industry has shifted in recent years but how has it affected the way the dealer looks? 

Casino Dealer Fashion Moved

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Online Casinos Have Added Flexibility

The classic look of a tuxedo or cocktail dress can be traced back to the history of land casinos as exclusive places where players went to gamble in style. Casinos are still regarded as being luxurious but dress codes are generally more relaxed these days, while the arrival of online games has changed the way we play.

If we look at the different ways to play roulette online, we can see games without dealers where a computer-generated wheel spins around. Other versions include human dealers who are live-streamed onto the screen. The icons for games such as Gold Vault Roulette and Mega Roulette reveal images of dealers dressed with the sort of elegance that we’d expect in a top casino, but there are also a lot of different styles on show. 

Themed Games with Live Dealers 

One of the reasons that the fashion choices made by these dealers have changed is that there are now many themed games where the human presenter is expected to blend in. A good example comes from Evolution’s range of Lightning table games. Set in a gold and black art deco studio, the dealers need to wear clothes that fit the colors and styles used in the games.

The game show category gives an even clearer example of the changing role of fashion in online casino games. Titles like Treasure Island, Crazy Time, and Cash or Crash show how the industry has moved towards light-hearted games with interesting themes like pirates, jungle adventures, and more. Naturally, the presenters have changed their style to fit these emerging themes better.     

Casino Dealer Fashion Moved

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The Role of Fashion in This Job

Perhaps the most important point in this discussion is how the role of fashion in the casino dealer’s role has subtly changed. In the past, the croupiers needed to match the elegant clothes worn by players. These casino employees also had to match the luxury surroundings and make players feel that were somewhere special, while obviously wearing clothes they would be comfortable with during long periods of play. A smart tuxedo was a great choice that stood the test of time. 

With the move to online casino play, the need for the traditional type of dealer outfit has declined. These days, it’s more about blending in with the theme and making players feel welcome. In many games, this role has evolved into a sort of presenting job where the person running the game has to keep players interested in the game and play along with the theme.

There’s no doubt that the fashion worn by casino dealers continues to play an important role in these games. However, the outfits they wear have changed over time to reflect the way that the games and overall atmosphere here been updated for modern tastes.