How Does a Drop Off Laundry Services Work?
December 15, 2021

How Does a Drop Off Laundry Services Work?

The laundry dry cleaning services market in the U.S. is growing with a CAGR of 4% per year. It will be a multi-billion dollar industry as ordinary people have more disposable income and less time. Millennials and Gen Z opt to have their clothes sent to a laundromat rather than washing them themselves.

Laundry business owners’ also understand the need to save time and have started to offer pickup and drop off facilities. These can be at regular intervals or how the customer books an appointment. You can book a drop off laundry service near you in just a few clicks and spend your time doing something more substantial.

Wondering how the service works? Read on to know more.

Find a Reputable Laundry Service

Your search for a reliable laundromat ends in your smartphone. You can search for a drop off laundry service online and find businesses near you. They come with ratings and customer reviews, making it easy for you to find one that is trustworthy and close by. Most of them also mention the rates and additional fees for the drop-off, so you can be sure that you get competitive pricing.

Book a Pickup Time and Date

Once you have zeroed on a laundromat, you can schedule a pickup time and date. Make sure that your dirty laundry is piled up near the door. You do not need to get hampers or laundry baskets, as they will collect the clothes in their bins. It makes it highly safe, especially during COVID times.

When you schedule the pickup, make sure that you also inform them when you need the clothes back. If you need them the same day, you may be charged extra for the rush.

Mention Any Specifications

If you have any special instructions about how the clothes need to be washed or need additional disinfection, you can mention those details when you book your pickup. Also, you may have allergies and need to avoid certain detergents. Mention all the details, and the laundry service will take care of it.

Separate and Wash

Trusted laundry service will ensure that they separate light and dark-colored clothes before washing them. It makes sure that the dark colors do not bleed into light-colored clothes and stain them. You can also have different materials, such as suede, washed separately.

Dry And Fold

Once the clothes are washed, they are dried using high heat in dryers and then folded neatly into piles. Clothing such as shirts with collars, tops, blouses, and dresses are hung in hangers. You can also request other clothes placed on hangers at a small extra charge. Blankets, quilts, and other oversized items are also packed so that you can put them in storage.

Additional Services

Most laundromats also offer dry cleaning services, so you can have them clean that tuxedo or the cocktail dress without worrying about ruining it. They will also handle the washing of heavyweights such as quilts, pillowcases, and sleeping bags. All items are cleaned as per your specifications bearing in mind the materials, quality, and make of the garment.

Delivered To Your Doorstep in Clean Bags

The clothes are all packed in new plastic bags and delivered to your home at the appointed time. It means that you do not have to worry about providing them with bags to return your clothes.

A Drop off laundry service is the best way to deal with piles of laundry. It is not only convenient but also pocket-friendly. They have experienced garment experts who know the job well and can work with any fabric without spoiling the item.