How Do You Make Your Room a Truly Personal Space?
January 29, 2022

How Do You Make Your Room a Truly Personal Space?

How Do You Make Your Room a Truly Personal Space?

Your room is more than a private part of your house or apartment; it’s a reflection of your personality. Of course, one can be good with nothing but a bed and a desk, but that’s also a reflection of minimalism. For most people, though, it takes a bit more to make your room unique, yours indeed. And here are some ideas on how to personalize your living space.

Wooden Decorations

Throughout history, mankind adored wooden decorations. Nowadays wood isn’t the primary material to build houses of, so it works even better as a décor element. Which wooden items can you use?

  • Shelves and ladder racks. These are both useful and beautiful; no more those heavy bulks of the past, now shelves look weightless on your walls. Ladder racks, not meant for climbing, are just as lightweight. Simply decide what you need them for.
  • Maps. A map on the wall reveals someone thinking global. It can be a world map (like these at, a map of your country or state, or even of another planet or some fictional territory.
  • Letter boards. Wooden words in the age of screens are sort of a challenge. In addition, you can replace the message as often as you like.

Lights and Colors

There are various ways to set the mood of your environment, and one of the most efficient is light and color treatment. Among all the diversity, we’d point out the following:

  • Walls, floors, and ceilings. Choosing the right color for them (first of all, for walls) is important. Just keep in mind that hanging decorations and furniture should fit too.
  •  Electric lights. Nowadays, LED lights with adjustable brightness and warmth are in abundance. If you wish, you can choose RGB lamps and embed them into your smart home system.
  • Windows. They are the hardest to renovate, but you can regulate the lighting with smart (or even regular) blinds.

Never underestimate the lights! And if you doubt this, try to get up at night without turning them on.

Softness and Warmth

What can make your room feel cozy, the one where it’s easy to wake up and nice to fall asleep? First of all, it’s the warmth that can be felt and seen. What can you implement for it?

  • Fabric instead of wallpapers. While choosing one, trust your fingers more than your eyes.
  •  Expose it to as much sunlight as possible. If you are a smart home enthusiast, you can set it up so it opens up at sunrise and shuts down closer to sunset.
  •  Use more natural materials, like clay, ceramics, natural fabric, and, again, wood.
  • Put a rug on the floor at your bed. This minor thing can make your day start much better.

The danger of this approach is that you may want to never leave your room. Well, if you want remotely, you’ll have to find the place for your laptop there. On the other hand, there will be no need for virtual backgrounds.

Your Idea 

Of course, there are many more ideas on how to personalize your living space. If these ones are not your cup of tea, they might inspire you to find something truly yours. Let’s all make this world a better place, and your place is where you start!