How Do I Use Premium CBD?
June 07, 2021

How Do I Use Premium CBD?

Premium CBD

Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

What's enticing about the CBD industry is its flexibility and wide range of collections to suit the needs of various enthusiasts.

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What is premium CBD?

Regardless of how long you've been trying out CBD products, purchasing premium CBD could potentially give you a whole new perspective.

Premium CBDs are commonly known by the term "CBD oils." However, you might have also heard them being identified as hemp oil or CBD tincture, promoting therapeutic benefits that help relieve stress and anxiety for a good night's sleep.

However, it's significant that we shouldn't confuse a regular CBD oil with premium CBD as the former aren't always considered to be premium. In fact, the product would first have to satisfy the Certificates of Analysis (COA) requirements before being classified as premium CBD.

The FDA doesn't strictly regulate the cannabis industry, so it's in your discretion to find a credible company that supplies the same products as mislabels are shared among the products.

Verify if third-party labs have rigorously tested the product since these labs are responsible for detailing if the commodity successfully passed the quality and potency tests. Moreover, they're also the ones who could guarantee if the goods are safe and are free from harmful substances, heavy metals, chemical residuals, and pesticides.

What's the proper use of premium CBD?

Once you've received your package, you would notice that your premium CBD comes in a bottle with an attached pipette on the top, which would guide you in dosing the amount of drop you need to do.

We advocate taking CBD under the tongue to make things more straightforward because it's quickly absorbed into your circulation due to a large number of blood vessels and mucous membrane capillaries in your mouth.

When CBD is absorbed immediately, it may bypass the liver and digestive system, resulting in a faster CBD impact than usual—while also leaving less time for the CBD to interact with your endocannabinoid system.

The first step you have to follow is to squeeze the top of your pipette to draw the CBD from the dropper, then lift your tongue before placing a few drops under it.

Next, hold the oil under your tongue for a maximum of 2 minutes before swallowing. Now, it's your decision if, after taking your CBD, you'd want to follow it with a drink of your preference.

Take note that the quantity of drops you take is entirely dependent on the dosage you choose to take. Frankly, we suggest using 20mg as a starting point, then proceed with lowering the dosage as you continue to use it to point out the dose that doesn't work well for you.

You could increase the dose for each use on the flip side if the initial dosage didn't satisfy you.

Just remember that the CBD content of your premium varies per product. Thankfully, the CBD concentration is typically included in the instructions on the bottle.

For example, you bought a 500mg CBD oil in a 10ml bottle, wherein each drop was indicated to contain about 2mg CBD. Keeping that in mind, you would need to place precisely ten drops under your tongue if you're aiming at taking a 20mg dosage.