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How Cooking Can Help You Make Peace With Fear Foods

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Fear foods are more common than many people wish to admit. Dieticians often come across this problem. Addressing the problem can be a little tricky, especially as it falls under eating disorders. Anyone who has a history of dieting or eating disorder is more likely to have fear foods.

This problem can develop out of the person’s wish to keep in shape and lose weight. It can also result from overconsumption of the food item, thus associating it with unhealthy memories. Whatever the cause of the fear foods may be, addressing them head-on is the only solution.

Whether Mornflake Jumbo Oats falls into your list of fear foods or you have some other common food items on the list, avoiding them won’t solve a thing. Making fear foods a sacred rule that cannot be broken won’t help either. Like any other fear, facing the problem, despite the associated anxiety, can help.

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Make Peace With Fear Foods

The Cycle of Fear Foods Anxiety

Fear foods can lead to anxiety problems. In most cases, people tend to avoid such types of food because of the negative experience or memory attached to it. It is important to note that although avoidance may work in the short term, it poses many long-term challenges.

Having fear foods limits the food options that are available to you and can lead to undernourishment. In extreme cases, you may find yourself uncomfortable in social settings because of the food choices. Not only does this lower the quality of your life, but it also affects your mental health and wellness.

One more thing is that fear foods can cause you to lose the skills needed to eat such food competently. With fear foods, you may not tell what is moderate as you are either binging on it or undereating. This also significantly affects the quality of your life and can put you at the mercy of the foods you fear.

A good way to address this problem is to make peace with fear foods and gradually reintroduce them into your life. Doing this may be hard; however, learning to cook those foods in the right way can help. By cooking these fear foods, you get to understand the health and culinary advantages of each ingredient that goes into it.

Cooking also helps you form a bond with the food while reducing your resentment towards it. It can also help you tame your chances of binging on the food as you are more likely to want to savor every bite taken.

How Cooking Helps to Address Fear Foods Problem

There are lots of fear foods. Each of the foods that qualify to be on the list mostly relate to negative experiences that a person associates with them. To help them get back on track and re-incorporate fear foods into their diet, below are some of the common classes of fear foods and how cooking them can help.

Fried Foods

Fried foods remain one of the commonest fear foods for many people. There is a general perception that greasy food causes a variety of health problems, including obesity. Weight-conscious people may have a hard time eating fried foods.

However, when consumed moderately and cooked the right way, fried foods offer numerous health benefits. A good way to overcome the associated fear is to fry your food the proper way. Wait for your oil to heat up to about 350 to 375 degrees F, create a seal between the oil and the food, and fry. This reduces the greasiness and leaves the fried food looking crisp.


If pizza has made it to the list of your fear foods, a good way to address this is by making yours at home. Hop into the kitchen with your dough and make yourself a pizza while following a healthy DIY process. You can also serve your pizza with a side dish to give it a planned meal feel. However, you may choose to snack on it.


Re-introducing sweets into your food can be tasking. However, breakfast food works best for this. You can pair any breakfast sweet with fruit or scrambled eggs for a balanced diet. You can pair cinnamon rolls or muffins with scrambled eggs or fruits to get started. Avoid eating sweets at night as this can increase the chances of binging.


This delicious flavoring ingredient can be incorporated into your food paired with green recipes to help you feel at ease. You can also chop bacon into smaller pieces to release the fat in it.