How Can Ice Baths Aid in Your Exercise Routines?
November 16, 2021

How Can Ice Baths Aid in Your Exercise Routines?

An ice bath can help relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation, enhance breathing, and improve your mood. It's no surprise that ice baths are an important part of football players' and elite athletes' recuperation and fitness. While cryotherapy treatments require temperatures below negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit, ice baths aren't quite that cold. The optimal water temperature for an ice bath, according to Gardner, is 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit—cold enough to chill your body but not to the point of freezing.

Before you get into an ice bath, remember that timing is everything. So, when is the greatest time to get in some chilly water? Immediately following your workout. Read below to see how ice baths to learn when to take an ice bath or aid in your exercise routines.

Muscle Recovery

Submersion in an ice bath helps to restore damage caused by severe physical activity. Your blood vessels constrict when you are submerged in ice cold water and dilate when you emerge. Cold treatment minimizes edema and tissue breakdown by constricting blood arteries and decreasing metabolic activity. 

Boosts Metabolism

It goes without saying that a balanced diet paired with regular exercise will help you achieve your fitness goals. However, you may change the behavior of your fat cells by exposing your body to cooler temperatures. Thermogenesis is a metabolic mechanism that has been demonstrated to aid with weight loss prevention and metabolic function. Coldwater immersions have been demonstrated to activate this mechanism, which can help you manage your weight and strengthen your immune system.

Better Sleep

Ice baths can also benefit your central nervous system by promoting sleep and, as a result, helping you feel better because you are less tired. After a cold water immersion, it's not uncommon to hear, "I slept like a baby that night." The nervous system, the body's natural tranquilliser, allows you to have a decent night's sleep. Ice baths relax the central nervous system, allowing you to sleep better and feel better. As a result, your response time and explosiveness may improve in future sessions.

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