rehab to quit drugs
May 04, 2021

How a Rehab Centre Can Contribute In Quitting Drugs

Do you know that more than 2% of the world’s population is suffering from drugs or alcohol addiction? Even after strict measures taken by the authorities, the smuggling and consumption of drugs are increasing at a dangerous rate. Fortunately, people are there in the society who are fighting back this evil. They are saving many lives daily.

People who earlier heavily indulged in illicit drug addiction, now living a happy and good life. The addicted person not only affects their lives but also the attached persons to them, especially family. There are several reasons why a person opts for this route, maybe out of curiosity or society that he/she is growing up affects his/her thinking.

You can find a drug detox near your home because it is the only way out of this addiction. There are many establishments by the government helping people to quit drugs. Consumption of drugs and alcohol for a long period leads to a dangerous cycle of addiction. In this state, the body needs a constant and steady dose of drugs to remain functioning otherwise the body starts to develop symptoms such as nausea, hallucinations, anxiety, depression, etc.

What are drug addiction and its symptoms?

Often people confused between two terms “addiction” and “dependence” and used them interchangeably. But in reality, these words have a different meaning. Dependence means when a person develops tolerance to a particular substance. The body will need a much higher dosage to feel that effect in another encounter.

This leads to a cycle of longer drugs or alcohol abuse. But addiction, especially a drug or alcohol addiction, means when a person starts to consume a steady dose of any drug, it rewires the brain and irrepressible urge or craving for drugs. Symptoms are extreme craving, loss of time, not any more focus, cut down ties with family and friends, the body becomes weak and fragile.

What is drug rehabilitation?

A program designed with the sole purpose to encourage a person to stop addiction to a particular drug or alcohol. This program is mainly a combination of behavioral therapy and medication.

The main focus is providing assistance and motivation in various ways to encourage the person to withdraw from drugs. Medication is used only to cure withdrawal symptoms and helps ensure that there will be no consumption again. The program is designed as per a person’s addiction level and dosage consumption.

Benefits of drugs rehab

The program not only covers in process stages but the person will be counseled before the starting of the program and aftercare support. This is a vital part of the drug rehab program. The whole process helps in learning various skills with the help of behavioral therapy. A patient has undergone a drastic change in a better way, towards a better future. It helps in making the shift in patient thinking, giving positive looks to themselves and other people.

It helps in improving family bonds. When a person becomes an addict, it leads to many disorders originating from it. Treatment also helps in finding those underlying issues that lead to addiction in the first place. Alcohol rehab has a similar treatment procedure.

Each session of therapy will help in better understanding the triggers point of oneself. The therapists are experienced which not only provide you counsel in each step of your detox journey but also emotional support to cope up with withdrawal symptoms. They focus on improving social skills and family sessions to help build connections and relationships again. 


Medication is also a vital part of the program. As withdrawal symptoms start to appear, it makes it difficult to cope with it. Using medications under the supervision of doctors results in lowering those symptoms. Patients with withdrawal symptoms experience hallucinations, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, loss of appetite, and severe weight loss.

The combination of behavioral therapy with medications results in a better outcome in a short span. This stage is also known as Detoxification. Also, this medication is not for the whole life. The aftercare program keeps special attention to dosage and gradually diminished dosage with the help of therapy sessions.

Rehabilitation is the way out of drug abuse. If you are also stuck in the Drug cycle and finding the way to get out of it, you can take help from Briarwood Detox in Austin and start living a new and healthy life. There is no cure to addiction, but with the right steps and treatment, you can get control over it and live a happy, sober life.