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Hosting an Online Conference: Boost Your Event Views

Online Conference

Are you interested in hosting an online conference and building a lasting impact on YouTube?

The lockdown that came with COVID affected not only people's lifestyles but also their work styles. Especially the events that increase interaction with the brand and business have turned to other alternatives with changing conditions - one of them being in the virtual backgrounds. 

Instead of attending in-person conferences, people met the most comfortable option and started to join any online event from their home offices. This naturally led to a new trend of hosting online conferences, and many businesses started seeking opportunities to increase their impact with boosted watch hours.

Buy YouTube Watch Hours for a Successful Virtual Event

The most crucial aspect of the success of virtual events is the number of views and engagement they receive. For this reason, many successful businesses buy YouTube watch hours. These metrics on your event-related videos, session recordings, and YouTube watch hours can impact your online presence, brand awareness, website traffic, and even sales. 

Furthermore, the watch hours you accumulate can increase your opportunities to monetize your YouTube content as well. You can join the YouTube Partner Program and increase your income with ad revenues. 

Additionally, as the numbers play a role in psychological effect, the more views you have, the more it will encourage attendees to join your next virtual event, trusting your content's reliability. This naturally can help you to reach a broader audience with the follow-up events.

Choose the Right Virtual Conference Platform

Selecting the ideal platform while hosting an online conference is a critical first step toward success. This is because it heavily depends on what the virtual event platform offers to you to make the process easy and efficient, not only for you but also for your virtual attendees. Hence, it's extremely important to make a good choice.

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating virtual event platforms:

Virtual Environment

The environment of the virtual event platform should meet the requirements of the event goal - it should be dynamic and interactive, like an in-person event. So, if it's information-focused, you can choose a webinar platform. If it's networking-focused, you can look for a virtual conference platform to engage attendees, create virtual booths, have group discussions, or even panel discussions. These features can help you have a successful virtual conference.

Furthermore, suppose you prefer to host a virtual conference on multiple networks such as YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook. In that case, you must choose a virtual conferencing platform that connects all these social media networks.

Opportunities to Boost Attendee Engagement

Attendee engagement is another essential factor event organizers consider to call an event success. It reflects the genuine interest the audience shows towards your online events. Therefore, it's important to provide opportunities for your audience to connect with other attendees and your brand and choose virtual conference platforms that meet your and your audience's requirements.

You can also provide breakout sessions to let them engage with your brand by showing brand ads, introduction videos, or similar content to keep them interested and engaged - similar to the breaks at in-person conferences.

Networking Opportunities

Successful virtual conferences don't only focus on the brand but also facilitate networking for their attendees. There are specific networking events that enable people to meet and connect, which is why they are among the on-demand events for businesses. Therefore, you can use the networking tools of a video conferencing platform to create various opportunities to make your event successful.

For example, just like how it is at in-person events, where people talk better in smaller groups, you can create breakout rooms for virtual meetings and remind attendees that they can join there for networking chances. Or, you can create a discussion board to help people of the same interest or niche gather together to talk about a specific topic.

Adding such activities to facilitate attendee networking in your event agenda can help you host a virtual conference that is memorable and impactful.

Data Availability

Another factor to consider while choosing the platform for hosting an online conference is the event data it enables you to access. Information such as attendee data can help you determine and measure your key performance indicators (KPI) and shape your future virtual conference strategy accordingly.

For example, through this data, you can select active participants and inform sales and marketing teams of your business to connect attendees to grow your customer relationships. You can also see when your live event is most watched to adjust your future virtual conferences' starting hours strategically.

This is also what makes a virtual event different than an in-person conference, as you can't measure such metrics unless it's online.

What Are the Best Virtual Conference Platforms?

Virtual event technology keeps improving, which means there are many platforms and tools you can utilize for hosting an online conference. Even the popular social media networks keep updating their system to meet such requirements. Therefore, when it comes to the best virtual conference platforms, we can list:

  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X (Twitter) as some of the best alternatives.

There are also free and paid tools, such as StreamYard, that enable you to host a virtual conference from one site on various platforms simultaneously.

Keep Your Attendees Engaged

If you want to expand the amount of your success, you need to keep your attendees and potential audience engaged before and after hosting an online conference. In a way, you can buy YouTube watch hours to reach your audience effectively and constantly remind them about your virtual events.

Here are the steps you can include in your event program:

Before Event Activities

Before your live events start, you can share keynote presentations or short interviews with the speakers. This can keep your audience engaged and look forward to the content you will cover throughout the event.

You can also have sponsored sessions, where you share the spotlight with event sponsors and introduce yourself to their audience as well.

Post Event Activities

After your event, you can post an event

survey to measure attendee satisfaction and use the positive feedback for your marketing purposes. Additionally, you can have hybrid events to meet your attendees at in-person events, where you can meet them face to face and develop your customer relationships.

FAQs about the Virtual Conferences

Here are the commonly asked questions about hosting an online conference and the tools to host them:

How Can You Boost Your Watch Hours While Hosting an Online Conference?

You can buy YouTube watch hours from a reliable provider to increase your metrics and reach your target audience effectively.

What Is the Importance of Choosing the Right Virtual Event Platform?

Choosing the ideal online event platform is crucial as it affects the attendee experience, engagement, and overall success of your event.

How Can You Maximize the Audience Engagement for the Event?

You can actively promote your events, reward your audience if they engage with your event-related content, post surveys, and encourage event attendees to provide feedback.