Photo Booths
June 18, 2024

Have Photo Booths at Corporate Events and Make it Work

Corporate events are often for product launches, trade shows, workshops, or simply for company parties and team-building activities. There are different entertainment options to choose from.  And one that is highly sought-after is photo booths. 

Photo booths make the events more fun and memorable. These services from can be easily customized depending on what the event calls for. The photo booths can be customized for marketing a product, service, or brand. 

Take a look at the reasons why companies should consider a photo booth for their events. 

photo booths

Create a Fun Ambiance

Most corporate events last for hours. That is why it is great to have a photo booth to break the ice. A photo booth will encourage employees to relax and have fun. It can lift the mood and get everyone involved. The photo booth company can customize its services depending on what the event requires. 

Increase Networking Opportunities

A photo booth is one way to increase your networking opportunities. Attendees will learn more about the company. Employees will also be encouraged to take pictures together which could lead to future ties or collaborations. Through the photo booth, everyone can share their photos online, which can help the business reach more audiences. 

Create Lasting Memories

Creating memories that last is the goal of photo booths. The photos come in physical copies and digital formats. This will make guests remember the event. Everyone can bring home a printed copy of their photos. There are different photo booth services to choose from. The choice will greatly depend on what is the most suitable for the event. 

Photo Booth Options for Corporate Events

Photo booths are not only for parties. It can now be hired for corporate events. It is crucial to be familiar with the options available. This way, event managers will know which ones are the most suitable for the event.

  • Traditional Photo Booth. This is the classic, enclosed type photo booth. The booth is a small space that can accommodate just a few people. Many parties and events have this since they are more private and guests can be more creative with their props and poses. 
  • Open-Air Photo Booth. This is popular at corporate events. It can be placed anywhere in the venue since it only requires a backdrop or a green screen, a camera, and a stand. Guests can just grab their props and pose for the camera. 
  • 360 Photo Booth. This photo booth service is new and is quickly growing in popularity. It uses a camera that captures images from every angle. This creates a 360-degree photo or video. The 360 photo booth is immersive and unique. 

Make a corporate event memorable by adding a photo booth. It does not only add an entertainment value but it’s one way for effective marketing. It can also be customized to make your business or brand memorable. Photo booth rental can include the company logo and slogan to make the results unique.