Growing Cannabis at Home: Getting Started
June 10, 2021

Growing Cannabis at Home: Getting Started

The cannabis industry is booming, so it's no surprise that there are more and more growers showing up on the scene these days. Now that CBD and other hemp-derived products are becoming a fixture of the landscape and economy, becoming a grower is simply the smart thing to do.

Still, it's not as simple as getting some planters and putting them in the backyard with a plant in them. If you're serious about being a grower, you need to take things like weather, pests, and other hazards into account when planning your process.

That's why most people opt to make their hemp plants indoor plants, even if they only have access to a small space in which to do so. With some smart planning (like getting your hands on a full spectrum grow light) your indoor plants will flourish far more than they would if left to the elements. If you're thinking about being a grower, but don't know how to start, read on to learn about how to prepare for the best indoor garden you can dream of.

Growing Cannabis at Home: Getting Started

Get your hands on the best LED grow light out there.

If your cannabis plants were outside, they'd be using the sunlight for their process of photosynthesis. Since they're indoor plants, though, they'll have to be getting their light from somewhere else—and it shouldn't be from the bulb in your living room lamp.

A plant thrives when exposed to a full spectrum of light—red light, blue light, white light and ultraviolet light—in a way that mimics natural sunlight. That's why browsing online for the best LED grow lights should be your first stop when outfitting your indoor garden. Unless you invest in an LED grow light of the highest caliber, your little seedlings won't make it to the flowering stage, which means you'll never get to enjoy the bloom they produce.

Consider the pros and cons when it comes to energy consumption.

Seeing as you're going to be installing an LED light in your grow space, and having it on most hours of the day, you need to prepare yourself for higher utility bills. Those seedlings need enough full spectrum light to grow, and you need to pay to provide it. Consider whether you can afford to take on that cost, which is certainly one of the cons of being a grower. Think about whether there are enough pros on the table to make this extra expense worth your while.

Don't forget that plant growth depends on water, too!

Growing Cannabis at Home: Getting Started

Plants need a grow light to survive, sure, but they also need water—so don't forget that either. If you're not totally sure about the quality of your tap water, consider getting a water company to deliver water to home. In that way, you can rest assured that your seedlings aren't consuming heavy metals, like aluminum, during every stage of growth. While you're at it, order some spring water for yourself as well. Wherever you may be in the U.S., the quality of your water consumption in important, too.

With the right tools, you can produce incredible herbs with a gorgeous bloom on each plant. All you need is careful planning, and a bit of shopping around for things like full spectrum grow lights, a great water supply, and maybe a new electric supplier if you're nervous about that expense. Don't forget to visit your plants during every stage of growth, and keep an eye on their development. From seedlings through the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, your cannabis plants will benefit from your attentive eye. Plus, you'll have more fun that way, and that's kind of the point when you get right down to it.

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