Greek Restaurants In Knox May Inspire You To Make Your Own Chicken Gyros
May 14, 2021

Greek Restaurants In Knox May Inspire You To Make Your Own Chicken Gyros

Dinner in one of the restaurants in Knox is a special mealtime for everyone. It is perhaps the time when everyone gets together and shares special memories that happened for the entire day. This is the time when everyone can let their hair down, call it a day at work, and worry about all other stressors the next day.

Mediterranean dishes are considered special by many. Dishes from this part of the world is blessed with simple yet robust flavors, not to mention its health benefits. As such, a Mediterranean-themed dinner in one of the Glen Waverley restaurants becomes memorable and exceptional with special people like family and friends.

That Special Greek Dinner

Whether you are having dinner out because of an important occasion or just a typical winding down after a long day at work, it has to be memorable. This time around, give the dinner some Mediterranean twist for a change. Have you tried gyros? If not, then this is time to head to the Mediterranean restaurant of your choice and try it. Surely some Greek restaurants in Knox serve this lovely dish.

Let this article serve as a guide in choosing that restaurant for your special dinner. Of course, there’s more to it than just serving the best dishes like the chicken gyros and other dishes from this part of the globe. Trying something new for the first time makes everything memorable and worth cherishing right? 

Therefore, make your way to the nearest Greek or Mediterranean restaurants in Knox to sample some of the world’s best dishes. They are not so known now, but surely it will have its claim to fame soon enough. People simply have to try, experience, and enjoy it. It’s so good so much so that it may inspire you to make your own versions of the gyros, or souvlaki. You’ll never know unless you try, right? 

So, here’s the first order of business. How do you choose the best restaurant for that special dinner? 

Here’s A Guide In Choosing Good Restaurants in Knox For That Memorable Dinner

Online Rating

Research does a lot of wonders. Always remember that, though attractive, pictures may not convey the worthiness of a dinner restaurant. It is best to go deeper than just searching for photos of the restaurant and its food. How do you do this?

Well, customer reviews serve as a good start. When people say mostly great things about a certain restaurant, that’s a good sign. Check how many stars they have on online review sites. The more stars, the higher their rating. This way, your dinner in Maroochydore has a higher success rate! 

Reasonable Cost

From your research, don’t be swayed by wonderfully curated photos of their dishes. Go more in-depth by checking their prices. If you wish to have Nachos as part of dinner, seeing a 50 dollar price tag for it won’t be a good idea. Look elsewhere! Catch the drift?

It’s one thing to splurge just because you are celebrating something special for dinner. It’s another to be just downright irresponsible for spending so much on dishes you can get cheaper but better elsewhere. You have to be practical. Remember, a reasonable cost does not equate to a downgrade. 

Cleanliness, Orderliness, And Hygiene  

Let’s do a little math, shall we? Great, you already found a potential restaurant for dinner. Of course, next is to check the reviews. Out of 10 reviews, 6 said something about how poorly kept the restaurant is, what does that tell you? Hey, that’s 60 percent. It is alarming! You may want to go for your other dinner restaurant options.

Always check for comments and feedback about their regard to safety and hygiene. If the majority of the comments say the place is neat (yes, check out comments about their toilets too), orderly, and sanitized, your restaurant choice is a good one. Take the time to read feedback the way you would when looking for function rooms in Melbourne for a special occasion. 

Unique Offers And Interesting Promotions

Surely, online reviews would say something about their interesting offers and promotions. However, if you can’t find one, it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. This is just a good add-on if ever you find one. If some reviewers rave about their promos, study what it is about. Since we are all about practicality, then it must give you more bang for your buck. So go check it out too! Dinners in Maroochydore become memorable and practical with a nice offer or promo to boot. 

The Delectable Greek Chicken Gyros

Finally, you sampled the Mediterranean cuisine. It’s nice that there are some good restaurants in Knox for that specific purpose. Did you sink your teeth into one of the well-known Greek dishes, the gyros? Well,  It’s one dish that should be well-known by now.

However, for some reason, it’s comfortable sitting on the sidelines while other similar counterparts take all the glory and attention. The world needs a little bit more culinary variety and the Greek Chicken Gyros sure adds that little spunk and excitement to what we all eat.

Did you see how it’s prepared? It’s pretty similar to shawarma (may be considered its close relative), doesn’t it? For more variety, vegetables like onions and tomatoes are also part. Even better, there’s the yogurt sauce (tzatziki) that levels things up a little bit more. 

I’m sure you’d want to serve this up on your next family event, or perhaps during that special date night. Today is your lucky day because you will know the intricate yet simple ways in preparing the Greek Chicken Gyros.  Get your pen and paper ready as the lowdown on the chicken gyros is about to happen in 3, 2, 1… 

Here’s How To Make A Greek Chicken Gyros


The marinate consists of simple ingredients namely lemon, garlic, oregano, oregano, white wine vinegar, and yogurt. Over the years, the marinade has also evolved. Don’t be surprised to see other spices added to the list. Many restaurants (even those at Glen Waverley for dinner) perhaps have their added kick to make their gyros stand out. 

However, let’s stick to the basics, shall we? Combine all the aforementioned ingredients to a deep bowl then add your chicken pieces. It is recommended to use chicken breast strips so it is easier to cook. Two hours should be fine for marinating time. For best results though, leaving it overnight shall make it so much better. The lemon and yogurt can seep into the meat tenderizing and flavoring it even more.


All you need for Tzatziki are cucumber, yogurt, garlic, and olive oil. Now, grate the cucumber and squeeze out the extra liquid. Add it with a combination of olive oil, garlic, and yogurt in a separate bowl. Then, season the mixture appropriately. You may also garnish it with fresh dill.

Cooking The Meat

There are different ways to cook meat. One can cook the meat on the grill. However, to stick to its authenticity, nothing beats cooking it the traditional way (through the vertical rotisserie). Should you wish to have it grilled the usual way, it is best to preheat the grill to medium. 

When the desired heat is achieved, add the chicken pieces. Make sure to turn the chicken pieces occasionally to ensure that all sides are evenly cooked. You may cook the meat for 8 minutes on each side. For accurate and consistent results, it is best to have a meat thermometer ready. For thoroughly cooked chicken pieces while leaving it juicy and tender, the internal temperature must be at 165 F. 


Get your pitas ready. While it is already good to serve at room temperature, it is best to have it warmed on the grill. Have both sides grilling for about a minute or two for each side. Fold the pita and fill it with the cooked chicken pieces with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and the tzatziki sauce. Imagine how Greek restaurants in Knox can inspire you to make such a lovely treat?