Gourmet E-Liquids And Beyond: 5 Accessories To Include In Your Gift List
September 21, 2021

Gourmet E-Liquids And Beyond: 5 Accessories To Include In Your Gift List

Vaping has provided smoking enthusiasts with a relatively healthier alternative to cigarettes. As such, vaping has grown into a significant industry and now offers plenty of tools and accessories for its users.

If you have someone in your life who enjoys vaping, they’ll definitely be appreciative of receiving gifts for their passion. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, vaping utilizes a device called ‘vape’ to heat up a liquid and produce vapor that users inhale. 

The gadget emits an aerosol byproduct through heating a liquid, which may contain flavorings and other compounds that make the process appear less harsh compared to smoking. This liquid, also known as e-liquid or vape juice, administers mostly nicotine to the user through a mouthpiece that’s inhaled into the lungs and then let out through the mouth or nose. (1)

While giving a new pod or e-cigarette kit is also a good idea, your loved one may already have one that’s working well, so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to have multiple devices. The best way to go is to give them accessories. And also, you can buy high VG vape juice online, to ensure they have a smooth and satisfying flavor to enjoy with their device. Here are five vape accessories any vape connoisseur will love:

Gourmet E-Liquids And Beyond

Gourmet e-liquids

E-liquids are one of the easiest gifts you can give a vaper. There are lots of flavors to choose from and different levels of glycerin and nicotine to fit the needs and preferences of your recipient.

To elevate their experience further and make your gift more memorable, you should look for gourmet e-liquids, such as the ones from websites like Redvape.com. These vape juices will make your gift stand out because of their unique and multilevel flavors.

You can find a wide array of exotic tobacco flavors for the seasoned smoker. On the other hand, there are also fun tastes like berries, mints, and fusions for the hip vaper.

Portable charger

Most vape devices run on batteries. The best option for users is to have rechargeable batteries so they don’t keep on purchasing them. Along with rechargeable batteries, you can also purchase a portable charger for them. This way, they can continue having a memorable vaping experience anytime, anywhere.

Vapers want a charger that can power various sized batteries accurately, safely, and quickly. However, many 18650 chargers don’t accept 20700 or 21700 batteries, which are larger and have a higher capacity than 18650 batteries. Because 20-sized batteries are becoming more common in these devices, older chargers will most likely not fit those cells.

The most crucial features of a charger are the most basic, but they’re vital to protect the user. First, it should have reverse polarity, which means that if the wire or batteries aren’t inserted incorrectly, the charger won’t turn on. Second, the device must have over-charge protection to reduce battery stress and increase their lifespan. Finally, you’ll have to find lithium-ion batteries, as most vapes use this type.

Gourmet E-Liquids And Beyond

Personalized case

You can never go wrong with personalized gifts. For the avid vaper, you should look for retailers that’ll print a personalized design you want on the accessory. You can put your loved one’s name or other personal preferences, such as their favorite sports team or TV character. 

There are plenty of options to choose from when looking for personalized vape cases, so you don’t have to worry. Just make sure to check the printing quality so that the end product looks vibrant and superior.

Custom stand

Vaping allows users to work with their hands. It can get a bit messy, though, when they construct their own mods or coils. However, they should have a place to store it within arm’s length once they’ve finished creating it, in case they want to have another vape session. 

A vape stand can help them display their equipment proudly while also keeping their space neat and tidy. Look for a vape stand that can be customized and adjusted for different builds.

Bluetooth speaker mod

If your loved one is a music lover and a vaper, you can combine their passions and hit two birds with one stone by giving them a Bluetooth speaker mod. This nifty creation allows users to enjoy their vape sesh while listening to their favorite jams. It’s one great gift idea for those who want to zone out by putting on some tunes while having a vaping session.


Vaping has captured the hearts of smokers by offering a relatively healthier alternative to smoking. With vapes, users can control the amount of nicotine that they ingest, which is helpful and empowering for those who plan to quit smoking altogether. (2)

If you’re looking for the best gift for your loved one, you can give them accessories to elevate their vaping experience. E-liquids are the safest choice. Plus, you can find vape juices that have unique flavors.

Other options are portable chargers as well as personalized cases and stands. You can even find a Bluetooth speaker mod, which allows users to enjoy their favorite songs while having a smoke.


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