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Fun and Romantic Date Ideas at Home

Fun and Romantic Date Ideas at Home

The global pandemic is still in full swing, and more than half of the world is still on extended lockdowns. Choosing romantic places to go for couples can be a struggling feat. Many are still comfortable being cooped up at home, especially for those with kids. A change in the pace of staying in and ordering take out and watching Netflix can be a welcoming transition.

A romantic refresh and mixing things up at home is possible with these date night ideas.

The spa night

Shuffle through moisturisers, toners, cleansers and masks by doing a DIY spa set-up at home. Let your hair down by sharing a bath and a soak in your shower and walk-in baths. A bath bomb, salts and essential oil combination can mimic spa vibes while doing facial masks and hair treatment. You can take turns in doing these treatments to each other. A massage trade-off can also be a good idea.

Picnic, wine and talk

Switch things up by arranging a picnic set-up. It can be a barbecue picnic or your typical cheese board and charcuterie to match your favourite bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

You may also pump up your wine game by removing wine bottles' labels and doing a blind wine tasting.

Prepare a picnic spread in your living room or outdoors. Cuddle with dessert or engage in long and deep conversation. To fire this up, best to look at your old photos.

Project a movie in the backyard

Projecting classic movies alfresco style is a fun and unique way to bond as a couple. It provides that feeling of being in a movie house, complete the effect by sharing soda and popcorn. For now, since movie night is impossible, this one can be a unique way to go to the movies.

Game night!

Not just limited to long-time gamers, but this can also be a date night idea for novices. It can be a good bonding moment for couples because it can insinuate teamwork by playing as a team, or it can be a competitive match if you play against each other. At the end of the night, it is a sure fun date.

Camping and stargazing

Nothing can set the tone of romance better than stars and moonlit skies. Do not forget your background music while you are at it. Break out your tent and sleeping bags and drink some hot chocolate with S’mores. This date night idea can take you years back while bonding.

Go to a museum or a club.

Yes, you read it right! World's famous museums and dance clubs are doing Livestream events and tours. Book a virtual museum ticket or dance the night away in the comfort of your own home.

Create a bucket list for the next ten years

Making a bucket list can get deep and heavy, but doing this activity can deepen your connection. Sharing plans and desires can encourage opening up to each other and working on those goals together.

The world has indeed bridged the gap between home and outdoor dating. With a dash of creative thinking, a romantic bone and the sheer desire of making your partner happy, any date idea can be remarkable, romantic, and it can rekindle the relationship.