February 09, 2024

Frankincense and Myrrh for Cleansing

Frankincense and myrrh are types of resin that come from the Middle East and they're known for their cleansing properties. Unlike some other types of incense and essential oils, frankincense and myrrh are ideal for spiritual healing and getting more in tune with one’s self.

The combination has also been used in Buddhist rituals and the Hindu culture for centuries. This makes the combination one of the most popular options for spiritual healing and cleansing.

Read on to learn more about frankincense and myrrh incense and how you can use them for spiritual healing, cleansing, and much more.


What Is Frankincense

Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is native to the Middle East and southern parts of India. It's a resin that comes from the Boswellia genus of trees and it's a great choice for incense or to use as an essential oil. It's been used in Hindi and Buddhist cultures for hundreds of years and some of its popularity even dates back to B.C.E.

That said, its main uses are spiritual cleansing and holistic medicine. On the spiritual side, it's great for setting the mood or cleansing the room before you begin prayer or meditation. On the medical side, it's effective for reducing inflammatory conditions, and skin conditions, and treating pain.

What Is Myrrh?

Myrrh is a resin that comes from thorny trees that belong to the Commiphora genus. It's been used throughout history as a medicine but it's also great for spiritual cleansing, incense, and essential oils.

Myrrh is native to regions like Yemen, Somalia, Oman, South Arabia, and parts of Ethiopia. It's often used alongside frankincense to create an incense that can help with your spiritual needs.

Medically, it's often used to treat inflammation, aces, stomach problems, and a few other ailments. Therefore, it can give you other types of cleansing aside from the spiritual kind.

How to Use Frankincense and Myrrh for Cleansing

Frankincense and myrrh are excellent for spiritual cleansing and you can pair both resins together as incense or use an essential oil in an aroma diffuser to emulate the same effect. Learn about how to use these resins for cleansing below.

Use Frankincense and Myrrh Incense for Meditation

Frankincense is a powerful herb for meditation. It's known for being a powerful tool of attraction that you can use for good luck and feeling positive vibes before you begin a meditation session.

You can use frankincense and myrrh incense sticks with an incense holder or burn them on a plate of your choosing. The goal here is to change the scent and vibe of a room, so you don't have to worry about how it's burned.

As an Offering to the Sun and the Underworld

One of the best ways to pair frankincense and myrrh is to use them to make an offering to the sun or the underworld. This is because frankincense is a solar herb, which makes it perfect as an offering to sun gods like Obtala, Bast, and Apollo. In fact, it's common to use frankincense in Yule rituals as long as you bless the resin before you make your offering.

Myrrh is also a solar herb but it also has ties to the underworld, which makes it the perfect pairing with frankincense to make offerings to the sun gods or loved ones in the underworld.

When using frankincense and myrrh this way, make sure you don't burn it like traditional incense. Instead, burn them directly in your ritual fire or a brazier.

Spiritual Cleansing

Frankincense and myrrh incense are great for spiritual cleansing and healing. When you burn the incense you'll notice a calming effect. This can help you relieve stress, anxiety, and any other nervousness that you have.

To use the frankincense this way we recommend burning them both together in an incense burner. You can burn a pre-made incense or use natural resin or an essential oil combination.

Aside from making you feel warmth and relief, you can use the incense to cleanse your spiritual area before you pray or make an offering. The combination is ideal for these rituals and ensuring that you're safe and secure. 

Try Frankincense and Myrrh Incense for Cleansing Today

When you want to heal yourself spiritually, frankincense and myrrh will help you set the mood. This combination of incense will help you change the way a room feels, set the stage for an offering, or bring you inner peace as you meditate. Ultimately, it's one of the best combinations for spiritual cleansing and it's cheap and easy to work with.