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Few Essential Items That You Should Carry on Barge Cruises

If you know anybody who has been to France recently, ask them about barge cruises. They will tell you all about it with barely controllable enthusiasm. Ever since the trend began, it has become incredibly popular with tourists. Equipped with a spa pool, classy cabin, large sundeck, and a stylish lounge, they acquaint you with the concept of sophistication elaborately.

It is a memorable experience to travel in these “luxury floating hotels”. There’s a wide range of exciting experiences on offer, from sightseeing to wine tasting with these barge cruises. If you’re going to be cruising for the first time, you should be aware of what things to carry along with you. Even though there are ample facilities onboard, there are some essential items you will always need.

Comfortable Pair of Walking Shoes

A barge cruise does not mean spending the entire trip onboard. You could do so if you want, but you will be missing the wonderful visits to the towns, chateaux, markets, and vineyards. You will need to walk a lot during the trip, so buy a pair of shoes that are comfortable yet efficient. France also has a lot of cobblestoned streets that can be uneven, so go with shoes that have thick rubber soles. High heels aren’t the ideal wear on a cruise trip. When it comes to socks, go with moisture-wicking ones. They let the moisture travel along with the fabric rather than being absorbed into the skin. Along with shoes, you will also need flip-flops or sandals during your time onboard.

Informal and Casual Dress

One of the great things about barging in France is that you don’t have to adhere to a particular attire. You can dress any way you want. For late-night parties, you might slip on a jacket, but even that’s not mandatory. Pants with collared shirts for men and slacks with tops for women will do the job just fine. If you’re taking a trip during October and April, you should carry some warm clothes like jackets, turtlenecks, and sweaters. The barging season in France starts in April and lasts till October.

Travel Charger and Power Strip

It is advisable to carry both a travel charger and a power strip since you might need either of them at any time. A power strip with the correct amount of voltage will let you charge multiple devices simultaneously. Some barges might not have charging points, and you would not want the battery of either your laptop or smartphone to die out. A travel charger, also known as an adapter, will protect you from electric fluctuations. If you want, you could also carry a lengthy charging cord for your phone, in case you need it right at the bedside.

Useful Accessories

Accessories will come in handy most of the time. The first among them that you should have is a small waterproof bag with a ziplock. It will ensure that your items are dry and protected if it starts pouring expectedly. You will also need some clothespins for attaching your clothes to railings while leaving them to dry. Door hooks are another accessory that you should include. Go with those that are reversible and can be hung on doors.

Barge cruises in France redefine the meaning of luxury travel. These are a few things you should carry if it’s your first time taking a cruise to make your trip even more comfortable and memorable.