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Features You Gotta Know About the Online Photo Editor

Usually, people are unaware of the full potential of the online photo editor and how it benefits them in creating content. You can use AI tools like resize photos, color correction, image upscale, IA portrait generator, and a video compressor. The editing was easy before as it is now with an online photo editor. In this article, we will look into the most important features of an online photo editor. 

Online photo editor

Insights of an Online Photo Editor for Users

Many editors are available online and those require installation. Depending on your budget, skill set, and need it becomes hard to choose the best one that fulfills your editing requirements. Here is what benefits an online photo editor like CapCut provides you for your editing assignments. 

  • Design

In online photo editors like CapCut, you will see pages of read-to-use designs for multiple purposes. Whether you want to create a sale post, spread some awareness, introduce new products, ads creation, or social media posts, you can easily create with the help of an online photo editor. Just type the niche in which you need a design and choose the right one for you. Edit all the elements or a few ones you want to play with. You can even search for designs by mentioning the colors as well like black and white designs, colorful designs, purple designs, funky designs, and more. 

  • Text Effects

Social media is crowded with millions of posts every day so why should people stop and look at your image post for a second? The best way to gain attention is to use text effects in an online photo editor instead of using plain written text. The text effects include glitch effects, gradient effects, zoom text effects, and more. Now start adding text effects to your text in an online photo editor instead of keeping text plain and boring. 

  • Text-to-image

Text-to-image is another great AI function of online photo editors. Let's suppose you are writing a story for kids but do not have relevant pictures to add. What will you do in the hour of need? The online photo editor lets you build your customized images without any charges. To create customized photos for kids’ stories, go to Magic Tools and choose a text-to-image converter. Write all the prompts of the picture you have in your mind like characters, scene, theme, and other elements. Then press the convert button and it will produce multiple photos based on the given prompts to choose from. 

  • Collages

Collages work best to share memories or to tell a story to someone. However, most of the time people have to pay for photo collage templates. An online photo editor brings unlimited ready-to-use designs in the collage section letting you enhance your productivity and creativity. To make a collage, go to the online photo editor in CapCut. You will see the collage option at the bottom left side of your screen. Choose your desired collage according to your image theme and create. 

Create Your Account on Online Photo Editor in Four Steps

Signing up was never easy before like it is now with CapCut. It does not ask for payment nor requires your credit card details or any financial information. Here are the four easy steps from creating your account to editing and saving files. 

Online photo editor

  • STEP 01: Create your Account 

To start editing your posts for social media, create an account on CapCut. Go to the CapCut website online web version by searching on any browser. Open the website and click on the signup button. Enter your email ID and wait until the verification is done. Now you can log into your new account on CapCut. 

  • STEP 02: Import Photos

Import your photos to the online photo editor you want to work on. You can upload from your computer or any other device. Besides, import data from cloud storage, Google Drive, or Airdrop. 

  • STEP 03: Edit photos

Let's paint the blank canvas in the third step by adding design, text effects, pictures, shapes, frames, stickers, and more. An online photo editor-like creative suite has several features like frames, collages, shapes, text effects, and read-to-use design. Besides, it has AI-powered magic tools that do the magic edits with one click.  Moreover, you can make instant edits on the ready-to-use templates as well. 

  • STEP 04: Download photos

By clicking on the download button, you can save a file on your device or share it with your friends. 


With an online photo editor like CapCut, you can increase your productivity by creating multiple posts in a day. The Creative Suite online photo editor allows you to develop visually astonishing posts for social media or your business to the full potential. Therefore, stop paying heavy subscription to the manual editors and sign up for this online photo editor now.