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Everything You Need To Know About The Vertical Challenge

Everything You Need To Know About The Vertical Challenge

If you are thinking of spending a fun day with your family and friends, then you should sign up for the Vertical Challenge and live an experience you will never forget.

Let us first tell you what it is all about. The Vertical Challenge is made up of races; these are free and designed for beginners or people who have basic knowledge of skiing but do not necessarily have to be professionals. 

Besides ski races, the Vertical Challenge proposes snowboarding, and there are many resorts where you can do it, mainly during the winter season in the northeast. However, not only races are the protagonists of this event; the Vertical Challenge proposes to families to enjoy different celebrations that are made around this day.

All the participants who gather can win amazing prizes and have fun with different activities in the snow. Of course, you can attend the Vertical Challenge even if you do not feel like doing ski races or snowboarding. Many family members even go to accompany their loved ones and share a day of varied emotions.

The priority for those who organize the Vertical Challenge is that everyone enjoys themself; there is no desire to encourage the competition but to prioritize the good times shared and that people feel like coming back next year.

However, what is the Vertical Challenge all about? Well, we will explain. Here, different people with varying levels of skiing take to the slopes and demonstrate their skills. The fun is that you can be part of it and watch them enjoy themselves, especially if it is their first time. The only thing that is recommended to its participants is that, if they are novices or do not know how to ski, they should take some lessons before the presentation.

We know that skiing is not a risky sport if it is done in places that are not dangerous and with the necessary care and responsibility. However, it is still a discipline with a minimum level of demand, which is why it is not recommended for everyone. Whoever wants to practice it must be aware of its dangers.

Do you have to be a professional to participate in the Vertical Challenge?

As we said before, this competition is not intended only for professionals since its public is quite broad. It is important to remember that professional skiers will make you believe that it is simple to glide gracefully over the snow when there is a lot of effort and practice behind this performance.

Like any sport, skiing is trial and error, and with practice, you improve your techniques, but above all, you lose your fear. That is why we recommend practicing and making friends with skis before you take to the slopes. If you are interested in learning, hiring a professional instructor to take care of your steps would be ideal.

On the other hand, learning with someone who knows and can guide you is one of the things that will make you more confident. You may fall sometimes but the important thing is to learn to get up and lose the fear of bumps or stumbles.

The benefit of learning to ski is besides getting your body moving and releasing endorphins through the sport; you will create a constancy and discipline that will last over time.

Many professionals suggest sending children to learn sports such as skiing because incorporating habits of this type improves the quality of life and creates a sense of belonging. Despite believing that these sports are practiced and played alone, the opposite is true. Having a support team in all cases is necessary, and that is where good friendships arise.

Everything You Need To Know About The Vertical Challenge

Is it advisable to have group classes?

As we said before, the sense of belonging to a group is important, mainly as the social beings we are. Many people, however, choose to practice alone because they have more concentration and focus.

For others, doing it in pairs or a group is easier and more fun. The reasons may vary, but the important thing is to feel confident in every movement and not to lose concentration under any circumstances.

What clothes should I wear to the Vertical Challenge?

Well, this will depend purely and exclusively on you, but there are some things you should keep in mind. First, each discipline has its own attire, but this is not a whim; you have to protect yourself from the low temperatures, from the burning that the snow can cause, and also from the sun.

It is necessary to wear a coat that is resistant to water and wind. Pants should be for snow, and it is required to wear several layers of clothing. This will help you to keep warm and not get cold, especially until your body starts to move and to warm up.

It is essential to wear goggles to protect you from the sun, gloves and a helmet to prevent falls, and two pairs of socks to keep your feet dry. 

Once you have all these elements and your basic ski or snowboard practices, you are ready to participate in the Vertical Challenge and add one more experience to your life. 

If you still do not feel confident, we recommend that you still attend and enjoy a great time with family and friends. Who has to say that next time you will feel like participating, a few months before you start preparing to dazzle the jury.

Finally, we think it is essential to clarify that there is no age to make your dreams come true, and it does not matter if you are an adult and are afraid to start activities like these. It is only a matter of believing in yourself and in your ability. With the necessary preparation, practice and desire it is possible that you can even get to the level of any professional and end up competing in the highest categories.