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Everything You Need to Know About HHC-P


With the number of cannabinoids (over 110!) that are found in hemp it's difficult to keep the count of all of them. HHC-P is among the newest cannabis cannabinoids to be discovered and appreciated. Known by its full name hexahydro cannabigerol (HHC-P), HHC-P is a blend of hexahydro cannabinol (HHC) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC-P). They created HHC-P by combining the best of both!

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What is HHC-P?

HHC-P is a variant of THC-P in HHC Now, if this is confusing to you, do not blame you. THC-P is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp that was first identified in the year. The thing that makes THC-P stand out is its capacity to bind to CB1 receptors within the brain 31x greater than delta 9 THC and give the high some believe is around 10 times as potent as more conventional THC compound. THC-P has its increased effectiveness from the addition of seven carbon atoms within its side chain on the molecular level.

HHC-P is in reality the form that is hydrogenated of THC-P. This means that it's made from hydrogen. It's chemically stable and still able to deliver the same characteristics like THC-P. People who are already familiar with HHC will be able to comprehend the similar relationship between HHC-P, THC-P as well as HHC as well as Delta 9 THC. You can buy HHCP cannabinoid products from the top-notch brands like CannaAid.

What is the process of making HHC-P?

A professional scientist created hexahydro cannabigerol, a synthetic cannabinoid. HHC-P is not present in nature and has to be created in a lab. It is clear why it's vital to have a solid understanding of these third-party labs that are necessary by our industry so that you can determine the quality of the HHC-P product that you're getting.

Most hemp products today, including delta 8, THC-P, and HHC, are made through an isomerization process, which produces hexahydro cannabigerol. Isomerization is a method to alter the structure of molecules that make up the cannabidiol (CBD) to transform the cannabinoid into another one, in this case the HHC-P.

Are all cannabinoids homologous? How? Because they all originate out of cannabigerol (CBG) which is the first cannabinoid which emerges from the cannabis plant. It splits into more than a hundred cannabinoids when the plant grows. In other words, all cannabinoids possess identical molecules, which is why altering them transforms them into various cannabinoids. CBD is the ingredient used to create HHC-P since it's readily available from the plant which makes the process extremely efficient and cost-effective.

The Benefits of HHC-P

The benefits of HHC-P are:

  • Experiences that are both physical and mental.
  • Chilled
  • Relaxed
  • Anxiolytic properties
  • Relief
  • A Happy Experience
  • More Positive Mood

As we still have a lot to learn about hexahydro cannabigerol, what we do know is that its psychoactive properties are already making it extremely popular. The high is frequently associated with THC-P and actually, the two cannabinoids are common to combine, since there are synergistic effects that provide a sensational feeling in your body and the mind in terms of relaxation, mood and so on.

The key thing to know about hexahydro cannabigerol (HHC-P) high is that it is all about euphoria. Some people describe a more intense sensation of euphoria than what they've ever experienced from or any other cannabinoid. It is also likely to last for a long time because we're aware that most other products derived from cannabinoid give only a brief moment of euphoria which does not last the length of the peak.

In addition to the euphoria feeling, users experience a unique intense body buzz that is extremely relaxing and ideal to ease physical tension.

Does HHC-P get you high?

Hexahydrocannabiphorol is a psychoactive cannabinoid, and that's for certain. Take a look at how HHC-P has so much with both HHC as well as THC-P. HHC is considered to be just as psychoactive as delta 9 THC and, if not slightly less. THC-P which HHC-P closely mimics, could, as we said, 30x more intoxicating than delta 9.

Although we don't have the specifics of HHC-P's effects at the moment, as the cannabinoid's discovery is relatively new we can claim that it's another powerful cannabinoid that novices should be able to handle with ease.

In terms of the nature of this high there aren't any references to go by. But, many describe it as potently euphoric - which makes sense, considering its similarities to tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the only thing we've learned so to date, though for many users it's plenty. an enormous burst of euphoria and a higher than the typical THC effect is the thing many people today are searching for, particularly.

Does HHC-P appear on The Drug Test?

If you're tested for drug use it is not enough to be aware of HHC-P however, you must also know if it could result in a positive urine test. As a general rule, whenever you come across a cannabinoid that has "THC" in its name, it is best to think that it is putting the risk of failing the drug test. Why? because all THC-derived cannabinoids are transformed by an enzyme known as THC-COOH. This is the enzyme that most drug tests seek to find in a person's urine.

Because HHC-P is powerful, there's reason to believe that it's much higher risk of failing a test using this cannabinoid as compared to after taking the delta-9 THC.