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Emerald Rings - Are They Making a Comeback?

Emeralds are unique gemstones. The smooth surfaces, soft, elegant, and deep green hues make them stand out among the rest. These features have also led emeralds as a gemstone to stand the test of time. Its popularity has only increased through the ages.

This precious piece of gemstone is in use in various types of jewelry. It can include several rings, but they gradually fell out of fashion during recent times. However, emeralds are making a comeback big time. A lot of fashion experts also consider emerald to be the stone of 2021.

Emerald Rings - Are They Making a Comeback?

Shortlisting an Emerald Ring

A popular choice of jewelry for wedding and engagement rings for this year is emerald rings. The acceptance of this precious stone is increasing due to its use by celebrities. If you go back in time, you will find many brides-to-be aspire to reciprocate the way beautiful and popular women like Halle Berry looked while she donned a four-carat emerald ring embraced in yellow gold in 2012.

The gemstone is also fast getting popular, with more celebrities sporting it as emerald rings in recent times. There are various jewelers who sell their emerald rings online. Leibish's rings are often highly appreciated for their designs, product range, and superior jewelry quality.

Although emerald rings are one of the top choices for the brides as a wedding ring, they are not only confined to be a symbol of marriage. The rings are also popular as a preferred choice of women to accompany them as a regular fashion statement. The green hues of the stone make them stand out in the crowd. 

Shortlisting an emerald for your ring needs you to know about this gemstone. One of the highlight points that act as a crowd puller in favor of the emerald stones is their greenness. You will find a variety of emeralds in the market ranging from the traditional deep green emeralds to the lighter green ones.

Due to the higher reflection property of the lighter colored stones, many people prefer them vis-à-vis their traditional counterparts. The l

However, it is worth mentioning that both shades of green are trending, so the choice is up to you. Although, the most preferred choice for the wedding rings is the deep green colored emerald stones.

Another crucial aspect that you can consider is the setting of the stone. The most preferred choices include a tri-stone and a solitaire. The tri-stone style has several prongs that aid in holding the emerald in its place. 

A popular choice that is in demand is the halo setting. Such a setting helps to provide a perfect combination of modernity and antiquity. You also have the option to select a neo-vintage style which you can get via an emerald-and-baguette stone ring.

The Symbolism

It often happens that people opt for stones that have a strong symbolism. Every gemstone has a particular meaning. They became popular over the years due to their properties which people consider to be complementing their personalities. 

Wearing a particular gemstone also helps reflect the person’s personality and taste or complement an occasion of their life like the wedding. It is also the reason why emeralds are becoming more popular in 2021.

Many women prefer a subtle stone that conveys a complex set of emotions, unlike the blatant symbolism of love and passion by red rubies. Emeralds are the best choice as the calming effect of the green color helps to associate the gemstone with balance and peace. 

The stones are also a symbol of healing and fertility. Many of the brides chose the emerald wedding ring as they represent eternity.

The Accompanying Metals

One of the most crucial reasons that propelled the growth of Emerald rings is its property to go well with numerous metals. A ring made out of rose gold, platinum, or yellow gold can pair well with the gemstone due to the delicate nature of emerald.

These metals are not only a robust choice but are also capable of giving protection to the soft emeralds. They are also known to complement the brilliance and greenness of the gemstone. You can have a nice median for the emerald ring with an 18-carat metal, irrespective of the type of metal you choose. It can help with the apt support that the metal needs without compromising the gemstone’s appearance or strength.

So as you can see, this unique gemstone can be a great choice for your wedding ring or regular fashion wear. Although the chief criterion is shortlisting the ideal stone for you that helps compliment your personality.