Electric vs. Gas Dirt Bike for Kids|| Which One to Choose?
December 15, 2021

Electric vs. Gas Dirt Bike for Kids|| Which One to Choose?

If having a bike can be a big dream for youth, what about a kid? Riding bikes makes the kids think of adventure. This is not the end; they also wish to ride the bike worldwide when they grow up. You might be confused between electric vs. gas dirt bike for kids when deciding to buy anyone.

Everyone loves their kids and doesn't want to compromise for a single feature while choosing a dirt bike for them. In that case, you should focus on safety issues, easy to ride, comfort, and maintenance. 

But, there is always a growing debate among the users. One group supports electric bikes, and another likes gas-powered bikes for their kids. 

But, we will give all the critical information in our article so that you can wisely choose a bike between them. Let's get to the point. 

Electric vs. Gas Dirt Bike For Kids

The electric motor of a dirt bike is more sustainable and eco-friendly than the gas motor. But, while you're in the case of choosing between the electric and gas dirt bike, you will be puzzled. You'll find a big difference between these two types of bikes in terms of their features. Let's get to know what the actual differences are

Electric Dirt Bike

The electric dirt bikes are pretty simple than the gas-powered bikes. An electric motorcycle means everything that your kids need. It runs with a long lasting lithium battery. So, you can charge its battery and take it out for running outside while the battery is full of charge.

However, electric bikes have a lesser amount of parts. As a result, the malfunctions of an electric bike are also less in number.

When you choose an electric bike for your loving kid, they can easily understand all its functions without confusion. Besides, the less moving parts of an electric bike will also facilitate you to have less repair that is not possible in the case of a gas-powered bike.

An electric bike produces a little noise that is entirely suitable for a kid. Even replacing the batteries of an electric bike is also cost-effective. So, you can afford the battery with ease.


  • Consuming electricity is cheaper
  • It can run more than 10 miles in a day
  • Easy to ride for beginner kids 
  • It doesn't require frequent repair
  • Less noisy and less expensive


  • The electric bike is comparatively less powerful
  • It often can stop while the charge is run out

Gas-Powered Bike

The gas-powered bikes are made with robust materials, so they are generally suitable for rough riding. As a result, these bikes are ideal for hard-hitting trails. Yet, there are two kinds of gas powered dirt bikes in the market. One has a two-stroke engine, and another has a four-stroke engine.

The two-stroke bike will consume a small amount of fuel and have a lighter-weight engine. But, a four-stroke engine consumes more fuel. Nevertheless, if you consider the power of the two and four-stroke bike, then the four-stroke bike is more potent than the two-stroke bike. 

But, the two-stroke bikes are good for your kids as they aren't professional riders. A four-stroke bike is generally for significant purposes like racing.


  • Easy to ride in remote places with a full tank of gas
  • Your kids can safely go miles after miles with the bike 
  • It has a specialized engine, so your kid can isolate the problem very quickly


  • This bike is louder 
  • The smell of gas isn't good for the kid's lungs

Our Suggestion

It is extremely sensitive to choose a dirt bike for kids. When choosing a bike for your kids, you need to focus on bike sustainability and your kid's preference. So it is tough to give a final decision without knowing your kid's age, height, weight, and on which terrain the bike will be ridden. We suggest you choose an electric dirt bike, as it is better and safer than a gas-powered bike.


How fast can a kids dirt bike go?

If you choose the 50cc bike, it will speed up between 25 to 40 miles an hour. But, it is risky to allow the kids to ride the dirt bike without training them properly. That is why we suggest you prepare your kids well before giving them dirt bikes.

How fast does an electric dirt bike go? 

An electric bike can go up to 85 mph maximum. But, it is not recommended to speed up the bike more than 40 mph to ensure safety.  

What type of gas goes in a dirt bike?

Gas types vary from model to model of the bike. If you buy a 4 stroke bike, it will require 82-octane. But if the bike is 2 strokes, you must have ethanol-free advanced octane. Because the lower octane can blow up. 

What's the difference between motocross and trail bikes? 

A motocross bike has a sharp turn capability and twist. The gear ratios of a motocross bike are narrower if you compare them with the trail bikes. However, the trail bike is well capable of meeting longer stretches. So, Trail bikes have wider gear ratios.


We have viewed the electric vs. gas dirt bike for kids for better understanding.  Now, you understand which one will best fit your kid. But, you ought to focus on your kid's wellbeing and the environmentally friendly option.

Besides, it would help if you consider your kid's enjoyment. That means no matter whether you choose the electric dirt bike or gas-powered bike, you have to ensure your kids' choice and safety.


Looking for a dirt bike for your kids? Confused between electric vs. gas dirt bike for kids? Check this article, and select the safer bike by removing your confusion.