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Effective Ways To Repel Bugs From Your Home This Summer

We all know how infuriating it is to be kept awake at night with constant buzzing and biting. You may have laid in bed and wondered what the best way to control mosquitoes and other annoying pests is. From gnats and fruit flies to no-see-um bugs and dreaded mosquitoes, these solutions are natural ways of repelling bugs.

From gnats and fruit flies to no-um-see bugs and dreaded mosquitos, these solutions are natural ways of repelling bugs.

Citronella Spray

Citronella offers a pretty pleasant scent, and there are tons of citronella fragrance products out there for your home, from candles and air mist sprays to bug repellent products. You can also make your own citronella spray at home.

The no see um season is around the corner, and with this, no-um-sees, mosquitos, and hoards of flies are emerging. Using citronella products in your home is a great way to repel these annoying summer bugs.

Kitchen Herbs

While growing a herb garden in your kitchen is an excellent decor project and a lot of fun for any plant parent, it's also an excellent way to repel pests from your home in the summer.

Mint, garlic, catnip, rosemary, and even basil are excellent herbs to grow in your kitchen to keep pests out. These plants are also great for repelling roaches and the more creepy critters as well.

Cinnamon Oil

Like citronella, cinnamon is also a scent that most pests simply despise. Ants, in particular, are repelled by cinnamon oil, so this hack is excellent for winter too, when the ants seek solace in our homes from the bitter cold.

Mix a few drops of quality cinnamon essential oil with two cups of water and use the mixture in a spray bottle. You can use cinnamon oil spray as a direct action pest repellent spray by spritzing affected areas in your home regularly.


Vinegar is an extremely effective odor killer, and it's natural. When mixing a bicarb with vinegar, the potent paste can lift even the most stubborn carpet stains. But when using vinegar to repel bugs, you won't need bicarb.

Mix roughly half a cup of vinegar with half a cup of water and use it in a spray bottle to spritz affected areas where pests seem to gather in your home. You can also use vinegar as a surface cleaner to disinfect and keep pests out.

Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions

When regular natural methods don't suffice, it's time to consult your local pest control service to assess and mitigate infestations. However, it's key to look for an eco-friendly pest control service; it's unkind to kill bugs and insects just because we don't want them inside our homes.

Even though pests are undoubtedly creepy, annoying, and sometimes nightmarish, these critters are all essential to the planet's ecosystem.

Once you have taken action to repel insects from your home, it's also essential to implement measures to prevent garden pests in spring and summer. Garden pests can quickly destroy your garden and everything in it. So, it's important to focus your natural pest control measures both inside and outside your home.