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Effective Tactics to Increase the Number of YouTube Subscribers

Effective Tactics to Increase the Number of YouTube Subscribers

On YouTube, one of your main goals is to constantly increase the number of your subscribers. Widening your audience is important for your ranking and growth of the blog. There are many reasons to boost your YouTube subscribers count - driving traffic to your website, increasing the visibility of your channel, supporting your business, etc. Besides, having a big public is a fine motivation and inspiration for further work. In this article, we have gathered the most effective tips and practices for your fast and organic growth. 

Be Consistent

One of the proven methods to grow your audience is to demonstrate a constant online presence. It means that you have to upload new content to your channel regularly, according to a schedule. Users love stability and they get used to your consistency quickly. It is recommended to upload a new video at least once a week, and as your experience grows, increase the frequency of uploads up to 2-3 videos per one week. 

Schedule your content and entertain your viewers regularly. Of course, none is insured from force-majeure situations, but in such cases, it is a good manner to announce the delay to your followers. 

Learn To Create Super-catchy Titles

One of the key things you need for increasing your follower count on YouTube is the ability to create hooking titles for your videos. Along with the engaging and informative thumbnails, your headline is what attracts the viewer because that is the first thing they see in their search results. The major feature of a good title is that it is descriptive and correlates with the material you present in your video. Some creators add text smileys to stand out or highlight the mood of the content. 

Don’t forget to include your keywords in the title. This method helps to increase your visibility on the platform and provide a more accurate connection with your target group. 

Work On The Optimization 

Effective Tactics to Increase the Number of YouTube Subscribers

In terms of promotion on YouTube to get more subscribers, SEO optimization plays a huge role. In the previous paragraph, we have mentioned that you should put your keywords in the title, and do it for a good reason. Titles and other text information on your channel and individual videos is a tool to make your content more discoverable on YouTube, hence, attract more people who are potentially interested in your content. Define the most suitable keywords for your niche in general and the ones that are related closely to your videos. 

Then, include these keywords to:

  • Titles
  • Descriptions 
  • Channel tags
  • Subtitles/CC
  • Mention them in your speech.

In other words, squeeze the keywords naturally everywhere it is possible, so your content will be suggested to a bigger number of people. 

Create Series Of Content

This is a huge attention grabber for most industries. Uniting your materials into categories will burst your rating, because not only this practice increases your subscribers on YouTube, but enhances other stats that are important for your channel, like watch time. 

Having your content categorized is a pleasant gesture for your followers because it makes a search for a certain content easier for people. 

Remind Your Viewers To Subscribe

Simple, yet effective method to push your subscribers count. Basically, this is a call to action that is aimed to encourage your viewers directly. Like all CTA’s, this is a gentle reminder that subscribing is a motivation for you to continue your work as a YouTube creator,  and provide more fun! Besides, subscription means users won’t miss new materials from you! 

Just remember to add the query to subscribe in a certain moment of your video and look how your numbers go up. 

Engage With Your Existing Audience 

It is vital not only to attract new viewers but to retain the ones that already subscribed. Your clue here is interaction with your crowd. YouTube is a social media after all, and people want to communicate freely with their favorite authors. 

  • Be friendly and open to communication. When people feel free to talk to you, they relate to you more
  • Respond to the comments you get quickly and politely, yet keep the tone informal to maintain the lightness of the conversation
  • React to criticism calmly and always try to distinguish objective notes from bad bullying. The second has to be eliminated 
  • Ask questions and encourage your viewers to share their ideas about your content and always try to fulfill their wishes
  • Make contests and lotteries to increase the activity of users on your profile

Create Space For User-Generated Content

This is also a great attention grabber for new viewers on your channel. As it is obvious from the previous point, interacting with users is a big deal, and UGC is a great method to gain loyalty from your fan base. People can express their support in different ways, but the most popular one is artworks in various techniques. The most common way to show your gratitude and appreciation is to post the creations you get and mention the authors. 

For example, if you are an illustrator yourself, you can ask your followers to send their works to you for review and thus motivate them to create more. A nice bonus to your content plan!

Gain Subscribers From Other Social Networks

Of course, modern influencers can’t limit their impact with only one platform. And it is a good practice to get new eyes for your YouTube content. 

  • Mention your channel in bio on other networks
  • Announce upcoming videos
  • Remind users of your older but popular content
  • Don’t post the same content on all your profiles. Try to provide exclusive pieces for each platform you occupy. 


There are many useful and effective techniques for getting more subscribers to your channel. But choose wisely according to your strategy.