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Effective Study Habits of Super-achieving Students

Is there any reason some students get average grades while others are always at the top of their class? Sure, there is. Super-achieving students share common characteristics. It’s about developing good habits and implementing productive study strategies. 

Success comes with a price, and toppers are willing to pay it with determination and hard work. So, here’s a listicle of the most effective study habits that will help you narrow the gap between the toppers in your class and yourself. Let’s get started.

Studying Begins Early For Them

When an average student starts studying, a topper has already revised the material. Super-achievers begin learning very early in the morning daily. During class, they review their notes. It is not in their nature to procrastinate. 

For instance, if they want to ace their exams, they build a structured roadmap plan centered on their SAT and ACT prep books. As a result, they have an advantage over other students in terms of their preparation. Famous novelist Charles Dickens once wrote that procrastination robs time, and it appears they take it seriously.

They Pay Attention in Class

Have you ever noticed how a topper behaves in class? Is it common for them to talk to friends or doodle mindlessly during lectures? Quite rarely, actually! The most successful students are always attentive during class. 

They follow the teacher’s advice religiously and take every word seriously. They also pay attention to every lecture aspect to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

Whenever in Doubt, They Ask Questions

Successful students have their doubts clarified at the right time, so they stand at the top. They do not bring those into the exam room. Their teachers answer questions, or they note down their doubts and get them cleared later from a book whenever they do not understand something in class. If they need help, they don’t hesitate to ask their friends or classmates. 

Super-achieving students have effective study habits because they overcome challenges at the right time through hard work and dedication. They may seem to apply to an excellent Chinese proverb: A questioner remains a fool for five minutes, whereas one who doesn’t ask remains a fool forever.

They Revise Course Materials Severally

When students start a course, they rarely open their textbooks at home. Their habit of cramming everything before the exam prevents them from completing the syllabus or revising it before it arrives. 

Conversely, successful students begin studying right away. Due to their early completion, they have plenty of time to revise. They can recall everything from their memory in the exams because these revision sessions reinforce their understanding of the topics.

They Practice Meditation

Most successful students meditate, which helps them have effective study habits. Under stressful situations, they maintain a calm composure and laser-sharp focus. Meditating requires avoiding distractions and paying attention to breathing patterns. 

Practicing this allows them to control their straying thoughts so that they can focus on anything. As a result of meditation, the brain becomes less reliant on negative influences and more aware of the positive aspects of ordinary life.

They Write their Notes

Successful students have efficient notes that they can rely on. You can improve your grades by taking the right notes with suitable note-taking methods for reference and revision. 

As students listen to lectures and read textbooks, they invest significant time learning concepts. Remembering every concept taught in class will be impossible unless you review these concepts.

They Attend Classes Regularly

A successful student maintains regular attendance in class. When they miss a class, they acknowledge that they will suffer the consequences. 

As a result, they can learn the information without affecting the flow of the concept. It allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topics and be able to answer any questions they may have.

They Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Stress rarely causes toppers to pull all-nighters or skip meals. These unhealthy choices harm their health, leading to long-term harm. A healthy diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids and fiber is ideal. 

Consuming junk food and foods high in refined sugar can affect your memory and cognitive abilities, especially during exams. Furthermore, it’s best to have a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night. Sleep serves as a cure for exhaustion, acting as brain food. Keeping your body healthy is essential for maintaining a healthy mind, boosting energy, and improving cognitive abilities.


There’s always something that differentiates super-achieving students and those who aren’t. The secret lies in having effective study habits. Fortunately, this post provides insight into the best practices of top students. Therefore, it would be best if you adopt them. You will succeed as well if you keep working on implementing these.