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Durable Zippers and Zipper Feet That are Made from Metal

Zippers may look like they are merely simple and plain universal items used for sewing alone and nothing else. In reality, however, there are various types of zippers in the market right now and all of these can be used in different and unique ways. Before you use jeans or jacket zippers, first, it is best to understand and know more about the metal zipper options at ZipperShipper.com.

Metal Zippers

Metal zippers are zippers that feature two parallel sets of teeth made from metal, as the name implies. These zippers are not just durable and strong because these are fashionable options as well that make them the best options for both jeans and jackets. The teeth of metal zippers are molded and placed in specific intervals along the outer part of the fabric.

Since 1871 during the time when blue jeans were originally invented, metal zippers have been considered as staple fashionable garments, especially for younger generations. Blue jeans have the ability of standing the test of time despite the higher turnover of designs trends through all these years, which is why they remain as among the most popular fashion pieces in the world. Typically derived from denim, jeans have different stylish fits and colors, including low waist, boot cut, skinny, cigarette bottom, and many others.

However, have you ever wondered why jeans primarily use metal zippers as fasteners with only a few of these using alternative materials as their fastening devices? There are a few exciting things you should know about the relationship of jeans and metal zippers.

The Historical Reasons

Cowboys and miners originally wore jeans whenever they go to work. They actually prefer because of the tough and intense nature of their jobs. Considering this, many makers of jeans know all too well the harsh conditions that jeans had to go through.

Jean manufacturers then searched for a specific type of zipper that is highly resistant to wear and tear. It is the very reason why they consider metal zippers are the first and most ideal fasteners for the blue jeans they produce. Since then, metal zippers have maintained their reputation as the leading choice when it comes to fasteners for jeans

The Durability Reasons

The metal zippers are possibly the most durable out of all types of zippers out there. Metal zips can endure even the harshest of conditions including tough washing and others that often result from wear and tear.

Metal zippers and their durable qualities are second to none, thus it is likely that they are going to remain strong and intact even once your jeans get older. Metal zipper teeth don’t break off that easily and this makes them the best choice for many jean makers to this day and age.

In a nutshell, metal zippers are the first zippers that ever existed. Metal zippers never lose their teeth that easily even if you put under heavier duty operations.

You could always expect that ZipperShipper’s metal zippers are the perfect option for your jeans as well as other projects that require high quality and durable zippers.