Don’t Throw Your High Heels Sneakers Away: Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Do Pole Dancing
December 15, 2021

Don’t Throw Your High Heels Sneakers Away: Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Do Pole Dancing

For the longest time pole dancing was perceived as “the dance that strippers do”, and while we admire the stripper occupation when people do it by their own will, pole dancing is not exactly what strippers do, and we can’t define pole dancing in such a narrow term. Pole dancing is a sport, a hobby, a profession – one of those or everything together for many very different people.

It’s a great sport that has a huge community of dancers and admirers all around the world, and here are a few reasons why we advocate for it, and why you might want to incorporate pole dancing in your life too:

It’s an intense sport

Can you imagine how strong pole dancers are? They have to go up and down the pole, spin themselves around it with the help of their legs, arms, and torso while making it look effortless. Many people who do pole dancing, don’t limit their physical exercise with only regular pole dancing classes, they run, do yoga, Pilates, and much more to help their progress.

So if you take up pole dancing, you can be sure that soon enough you will see a big difference in your fitness level.

It’s extremely liberating

Is there anything more liberating than a sport that combines the strength of one’s body and the sensuality of a dance? We don’t think so. Pole dancing is all about accepting your sensuality, learning to embrace it, expressing it, and becoming strong and confident.

Seeing yourself in a new light, becoming good at such a challenging activity, breaking through things that are uncomfortable for you might take you up to a whole new level of confidence. Besides, any good physical activity releases endorphins that make you happy, and oh, boy, do we need that right now!


One thing that catches the eye when it comes to pole dancing apart from the movements themselves is the clothing and shoes. As a beginner, you probably won’t really dress up and put on all these fancy and unusual high heels, but you will get to that point as you progress. Just imagine wearing all these thigh-high boots and high heels and being able to rock in them!

One thing that should be mentioned, though: if you are at that point when you want to get yourself a pair of pole dancing shoes, our advice is to make an informed decision, choose carefully and turn to a trusted retailer, like, for example, Shoe Me.


Finding a community of like-minded people and feeling like you belong is great all by itself, but the community of pole dancers takes it to another level of awesomeness. Pole dancing is about mental strength, devotion, openness, and supporting the idea of liberating yourself and getting rid of insecurities. So even if you feel tense or awkward at the very beginning, you can be sure you will always get support from those who attend the same classes that you go to or other dancing studio members if you’re to join one.

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And as you go, you will sometimes need even more support along the way when it gets more difficult, or you’re not seeing the progress instantly – it’s these moments where you actually need to double down and push harder. And that’s where the support of the community along with your determination will help you get through it.

All in all, pole dancing is a very exciting and challenging activity, and we think that as long as you are not advised against it by your doctor or are not limited to participate in some other serious way, you should join in!