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Dolce and Gabbana NFT: Unusual Way to Invest Your Funds

Dolce and Gabbana NFT

Cryptocurrencies are not the leading newsmakers anymore. They have been replaced with non-fungible tokens or NFTs for short. It has become popular and trending to buy and sell non-fungible tokens by famous and promising artists. Nike, NBA, Yum Brands are among the most prominent companies that have already experienced buying and selling NFT. The fashion industry keeps pace with the world’s trends.

Italian house Dolce & Gabbana is now famous not only for its exceptional collections. In addition, Dolce and Gabbana create their own NFT collection in collaboration with UNXD. The latter one is an imposing marketplace for the best digital culture. It’s one of the most outstanding NFT platforms. However, it deals only with the best and successful projects. It’s not the platform where an amateur artist may start to sell his digital artworks.

It was the idea of Shashi Menon, the founder of UNXD, to create a digital fashion collection. Dolce & Gabbana supported the project. Their cooperation exceeded all the expectations and became a real fashion event. The collection appeared at the end of August 2021. In a few months, it was sold for almost $6 million. The news state that it’s one of the most expensive collabs NFT collections, but it’s worth every coin. The collection is based on Ethereum blockchain technology.       

Collezione Genesi: Mind-Blowing Digital Allure 

The question is, “What makes these fashion tokens so unique and desirable?” The main peculiarity of the Dolce & Gabbana collection is the combination of both digital and physical pieces of art. There are 9 tokens. 5 were created based on the already existing physical objects. 4 other elements were created based on the design drafts by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

This alluring collection encompasses the following pieces:

  • Dress from a Dream: Gold;
  • Dress from a Dream: Silver;
  • The Velvet Impossible Jacket;
  • The Mosaic Impossible Jacket;
  • The Golden Impossible Jacket;
  • The Glass Suit;
  • The Impossible Tiara;
  • The Lion Crown;
  • The Doge Crown.

In all fairness, it should be noted that Dolce and Gabbana NFT collection is not the most expensive one. Although it’s an excellent example of how a trendy name and good performance can make huge money in no time, several collections have been sold much more costly.

The top NFT collections that cost the whole fortunes encompass:

  • Human One.

The famous Beeple created this collection. The price is about $28 million. By the way, like Dolce & Gabbana NFT collection, Human One also represents the hybrid design of digital and real-world elements.

  • The First 5000 Days.

If you are ready to pay $60 million for digital art, it’s an ideal variant for you.

  • The Merge.

It’s an indisputable leader of the chart. This PAK creation costs more than $91 million.

Not everybody can afford to buy the luxury NFT Dolce and Gabbana has created. If you are looking for worthy variants to invest in and want to get more options, it’s good to refer to reliable sources like the widespread website TopNFTCollections. You can get acquainted with new NFT collections of various types and prices. You are to pick up the variants that suit your expectations more. Yet, NFTs are not free. If you desire to experience all the perks of selling digital arts, significant investments will take place.