Difference Between Round And Teardrop Implants
May 10, 2022

Difference Between Round And Teardrop Implants

After a decision to have a breast augmentation, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is what the shape of the breast implant should be.

Many decades ago, only round implant shapes were available on the market. But advancement in implant technology and production brought about the more natural-looking prosthesis - teardrop implants. In particular, the Motiva breast implants are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore over the last couple of years due to their natural look and feel.

Knowing the differences between the two will help you choose the best that suits you. In the following, we distinguish between round and teardrop implants. Also, we outline their advantages and disadvantages - and which implant shape is suitable for whom.

What are Round Implants?

Round implants usually have a spherical appearance. Due to its round shape, the implant lifts your breast and fills in both the upper and lower areas of your breast.

In this way, you'll have a very even breast volume at the top, bottom, and sides of your breast. Round implants are particularly suitable for small to medium-sized implants. Large implants often appear very unnatural.

What are Teardrop Implants?

Teardrop implants are also called Anatomical Implants. As the name implies, they have a teardrop shape. That's because they are fuller at the lower part than at the top.

Teardrop breast implant was created to acquire an artificial breast silhouette that appears as real as possible. Hence, the volume of teardrop implants is fuller towards the bottom just like the natural breast shape.

With Teardrop Implant, the volume of your breast increases without making it obvious that there's an implant.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Round and Teardrop Implants

Pros and Cons of Round Implants


  • The spherical shape of round implants gives your breast more lift and cleavage. Hence, if your breasts are very saggy and lack volume, a round breast implant is the best choice.
  • Due to its evenly rounded shape, the rotation of the implant is not noticeable. 


  • Round implants can make your breast appear unnatural. Hence, you should only choose an optimal size for a round breast implant.   
  • Also, the implant can be visible if you are very slim.

Pros and Cons of Teardrop Implants


  • The natural appearance of teardrop implants is an advantage. Even with larger breast implants, your breast does not appear artificial.
  • Also, teardrop implants are available in different versions. Hence, if you want to correct your obvious natural uneven breasts, a teardrop implant is more effective.
  • Since teardrop implants are not visible in the breast, they are also very suitable for slim women. If you want a natural result and only have a slightly sagging breast, you should opt for the teardrop shape.


  • Unlike rounded shapes, when teardrop implants rotate, they can lead to an unattractive visual change in the breast. This is due to the irregular shape of the implant.
  • If the implant rotates and does not turn back on its own, in some cases, another operation may be necessary to correct it.
  • The size of your cleavage most likely remains the same with teardrop implants.

Are there risks differences between round and teardrop implants?

The risks involved in round and teardrop implants are the same because they both require the same procedures. As with any surgical procedure, slight swelling or bruising may occur after the operation, which will disappear after a few days. Very rare risks are infections, temporary sensory disturbances, postoperative bleeding or capsular fibrosis.

The only difference between the two forms of breast implants is that with teardrop implants, there is an additional risk of deformation of the breast due to rotation of the implants. However, this risk can be reasonably lowered by using implants with an uneven surface.

Also, note that immediately after surgery, no matter which implant is used, the breasts can be unnatural, hard, tight, larger in volume than desired and expected - which is mostly caused by tissue swelling.

No cause for alarm when you have these complications. It will take some time for the swelling to decrease, the tissue to adjust, and the breast to get the desired look.

How to choose the right breast implant for you

First of all, deciding on the perfect implant shape hinges on the outcome that you want. If your goal is to have a full décolleté, you can achieve that with round implants. But, teardrop implants will be perfect if your objective is to have a breast that looks as natural as possible.

Also, apart from considering the shape and size of the implants, you have to consider some anatomical features such as:

  • The initial amount of your breast tissue.
  • The shape and dimensions of your breast before surgery.
  • The appearance of your chest, etc.


When choosing the right implant between round and teardrop shape for you, ensure that an experienced specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery guide you.

A quality preoperative plan and the experience of a surgeon who will listen to your wishes with great attention play a key role in choosing the best breast implants.

The plastic surgeon should take enough time to get to know you and dedicate himself to you as a person; make a detailed examination and come up with the best solution and the final visual outcome together with you.