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Didn't Get Accepted as a Scholarship Student: What Should I Do to Save Money, So College Fees Don't Hit My Wallet Too Hard?

It's hard to get into university, especially on a scholarship. The life of those who study for free does not change drastically, unlike those who pay their tuition. The latter have to tighten their belts because education is not cheap at all.

Among other things, many paying students come to another city, have to rent a house, and spend money on food and household items. Luckily, the services of qualified paper writers at WritingAPaper are affordable for anyone, and you can quickly get help with your homework assignments when needed. However, students are also overcome by a desire to go out, to spend money on something fashionable, not having to report to parents. But a limited budget doesn't allow for that luxury.

Let's see how a new student can solve the financial issue.

Living with your parents instead of renting an apartment

Sometimes students want maximum independence and move into a separate apartment or dormitory. In both cases, living costs money, especially renting an apartment. "Cutting the cord" is a good and right desire, sometimes even necessary. But you need to understand when it is appropriate and when it is worth tolerating.

If you are enrolled in a paid program, it is better to postpone the move, no matter how much you want. Imagine: the rent for six months covers almost a year of study!

But if the desire to live separately exceeds the fear of lack of funds, you can consider a loan.

Find the Best Student Bank Account

Every year banks offer a variety of attractive benefits to lure students to them. Before you settle for the first offer you see, try to learn about the best student bank accounts on the market and compare. The researchers from the best writing services recommend that one of the top priorities in choosing an account should be an interest-free overdraft - it's like an interest-free loan that can be taken out at any time when unexpected or urgent expenses arise.

Don't forget that a loan is not a gift from the bank. You will have to pay it back, regardless of whether you have spare cash or have run out.

Don't buy drinks in bars and clubs

It's not about giving up alcohol altogether. But the best solution in your situation is to get together with friends before the party, have a glass of wine and go out. You'll save a lot of money because a serving of alcohol in public places costs as much as half a bottle. It's unaffordable not only for students who pay for their studies.

The same applies to cinemas and amusement parks: ordinary bottled mineral water there can cost 1.5-2 times more than in a regular grocery store.

Leave your card at home overnight

Speaking of parties: taking your card with you to a big party is a dangerous gamble because you can lose track of your money and waste it in one night. Instead, take some cash and leave the card at home. That way you can make sure you don't spend too much. Also, you won't have to grip your head when you see the balance in your mobile app in the morning.

Don't buy groceries when you're hungry

Buying yourself delicious food is truly incredible. But you can waste too much money if you go shopping hungry.

First, eat before you go shopping. Second, make a clear grocery list, down to the last detail. So you will know exactly what to buy and how much money it takes. This approach prevents you from buying candy bars, chips, sushi, and burgers.

In addition, having planned your weekly meal, you will be less likely to order expensive takeout.

Try to cook with your dorm mates

Why not try to reduce the cost of your grocery basket even further by teaming up with your dormmates? If you live in a block dorm, it makes things easier. With roommates, you're like a big family living in an apartment with a shared kitchen.

Not only will you save money that way, but you'll also make friends, learn how to cook new dishes, and have a great time eating dinner together. It's a great way to deal with the stress of moving away from your parents.

Look for a way to make money

If your studies allow you to find a part-time job, be sure to take the opportunity to earn money for at least personal expenses. Surf the Internet: you can find a lot of vacancies for temporary jobs (waiter, bartender, courier, etc.). If, for some reason, part-time work does not suit you, you can find many options online to earn money, such as writing sales copywriting or retouching photos on Photoshop.

Don't rush to buy textbooks

At the beginning of the school year, you might have a little heart attack when you get a list of literature that collectively costs more than your parents' house. Not every book on the reading list is an absolute necessity.

Wait a while, figure out what literature you really need, and buy second-hand from your seniors. Other books can be borrowed from the university library.

It may seem that the above methods do not save much money, but this is not the case. If you follow all the recommendations and calculate how much you save by giving up certain purchases, you will see a huge difference.