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Custom Neon Signs with Yellowpop

New brands of neon signs are now using materials other than those used for traditional neon signs to improve the look of neon. The current innovation has embraced silicon and PVC to replace glass and LEDs to replace neon. However, can classic neon signage compare to LED neon lights?

Finding the correct answer to this question requires knowledge from Yellowpop. This brand is based in Miami and was endorsed by trendsetting interior designers like Bobby Berk, Jonathan Adler, and Susan Alexandria. This brand is beloved by top TikTok sensations such as Zoe Roe. It was launched in 2018 to offer ultra-bright, sustainable, and high-quality neon signage that is more durable and affordable than classic neon. 

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The brand has various creative designs, including customer customizations, originals, and artist collaborations. Some artist collaborations include Andrew Saraiva, Keith Haring, and Emily Edridge. One of the signs that have stood out for many customers is the Come As You Are by Caren Kreger LED neon sign. 

Consider reading to the end to discover more about Custom Neon Signs and determine if it is worth it to work with Yellowpop. 


The Yellowpop’s neon signs are made of silicon or PVC piping filled with LED lights and mounted on acrylic board to provide a seamless and attractive display. You can also make the signs from laser-cut shapes; for instance, the Come As You Are neon sign is a type of laser cut with the shape of piping. However, you can also opt for a custom sign. You can choose between hollow-out (no PVC), cutting the casing to the desired size, or the entire board (it can be rectangular, square, or circular). 

Most people often prefer the cut-to-size option since it makes the sign appear uniform and tailored. In contrast, the hollow-out signs often seem like they are missing something and looking fragile. The full boards, however, appear a tad elementary. The vibrancy of Yellopop’s signs will always allow your lighting art to stand out regardless of the backing style you choose. 


There are many sizes of Yellowpop’s signs available in the market. The sizes range from tiny wall art to those that can cover up the whole wall. The brand also offers you chances to flexibly choose your preferred sizes, as most signs are available from as small as 10 inches long to as wide as 120 inches long. Most of the premade, non-collab neon signs are available in multiple sizes. They are commonly sold in either small or medium sizes. 

Nevertheless, it would help if you remembered that each design has a different understanding of what medium or small means. For example, you can find a small sign 10 inches wide for a particular brand,wh the size may be close to 20 inches wide for another small iteration. The collaborations also have their ile own concept of size. But in general, each custom neon sign is sold in a single size. 


You can now clearly come up with your final thoughts about Yellowpop. The above descriptions indicate that Yellowpop is worth it, as it provides high-quality, bright-light, and sustainable signs that are more durable and affordable than classic neon signs.