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Cosplay Costume Ideas

Sure, Halloween has come and gone, but there are still plenty of reasons to throw a cosplay party in 2022. It's silly season, after all. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an office Christmas party, or a New Year's bash, a good way to make things both fun and interesting is with a bit of dress-up. 

We it get though -- not everyone has the time or money to invest in an impressive or fancy cosplay costume. Sometimes, it's just about making do with what you have in your closet (or what you can find at the party store on the corner!). 

Here are 4 simple dress-up ideas that you can put together in a dash.

1. Ragnar Lothbrok 

If there's a cosplay character that's simply iconic, it's Viking legend, Ragnar Lothbrok. You might not have the warrior instinct to slay an entire village, but just for one night, you can at least look similar to the ultimate Viking king. 

To bring this look together you'll need a vest top that resembles a medieval tunic. Pair this with long trousers and a belt with a hefty buckle, tucked into military-style boots. If you can find one, finish off the look with a leather waistcoat, a faux-fur throw for over your shoulders, and a medieval-looking shield. Click for Viking hair inspiration and accessories.

2. The Joker 

Another legend of cosplay is the Joker from one of the world's most well-known DC Comics series, Batman. This is yet another cosplay outfit you can put together with just a few key items. 

To bring this character to life you'll need a green or orange long-sleeve shirt and navy or black trousers. Over the shirt, you're going to need an orange, blue, or green vest. Throw on a colorful tie and top off the look with the iconic purple blazer. For this, you might need to visit a party store or hire a suit jacket. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of fancy shoes. 

Of course, the Joker look is not complete without the right face paint. For the perfect facial expression, get yourself some water-activated face paint and do a quick Google search of the Joker's face for reference. Slick your hair back with some gel and you're ready to party.

3. Jon Snow 

Ah, Jon Snow. The strong, silent, and brave son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen from the hit series, Game of Thrones. 

You'll need a few key pieces to pull off this cosplay look, starting with his signature fur coat. Or, you could opt for a full leather coat and faux-fur throw over the shoulders. Next, you'll need leather gloves, military-style boots, and a leather tunic or vest. 

Don't forget about his curly locks. If you have short hair, it's worth hiring/buying a curly brunette wig to achieve the best outcome.

4. Gandalf the Grey 

The mighty Gandalf the Grey is probably one of the simplest costume ideas to pull off. To best represent the powerful wizard from the award-winning Lord of the Rings empire, you need to invest in two key items -- the long, grey overcoat and a brown belt around the waist.

After that, you'll need a long-peak wizard hat with a wide brim, which you can find at most party stores, or online. Finish off the look with a long, white faux beard, and a tall staff or sword. 

Looking for More Cosplay Costume Ideas?

They might not be the most inventive or ''out-the-box'' cosplay costume ideas, but they will serve you well if you're in a pinch and need to put together a decent outfit for an upcoming dress-up party

If these ideas don't float your boat, take some time to explore the rest of this website for a ton of fashion inspiration, whether it's for your everyday life or a festive season razzle and dazzle!