Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer Treatment
December 27, 2023

Comprehensive Insights into Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer Treatment in India: Costs and Procedures


In the area of medical advancements, India is known as a center for cancer treatment that offers advanced levels of procedures for pancreatic and prostate cancers. It is very important to know about treatment options, and procedures alongside pancreatic and prostate cancer surgery costs in India before starting the journey toward recovery.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in India:

The pancreas is a vital endocrine organ that produces enzymes and hormones important for digestion and metabolic control. Pancreatic cancer is a serious medical condition in which cells abnormally grow inside and produce abnormal symptoms. Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths which presents unique challenges due to its difficult diagnosis. The treatment cost in India starts at 330,000 INR which can go up according to the facilities of each hospital in India. 

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Costs:

Pancreatic cancer treatment costs in India depend on the type of disease, general health of the patient, type of treatment, and facilities of the hospital. The pancreatic cancer treatment costs according to the type of treatment are as follows:

  • Pancreatic cancer treatment: 333,000 to 444,000 INR 
  • Chemotherapy: 44,400 to 59,200 INR per session
  • Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Treatment: 510,600 to 680,800 INR

Recovery: Patients can resume work or routine within approximately 3-4 weeks. Full restoration of strength may take around 8-12 weeks. Additional cancer treatments, like chemotherapy or radiation, may be necessary. The majority of individuals typically recover their normal appetite within about eight weeks.

Prostate Cancer Surgery in India:

Prostate cancer is a significant concern in which various surgical interventions are performed according to the type of tumor present in the prostate gland. The surgical interventions of radical prostatectomy are usually performed with various techniques like HIFU, robotic surgery, CyberKnife treatment, laser surgery, and more according to the suitability of the patient. Each method has its unique benefits that offer precision and effectiveness.

Prostate Cancer Surgery Cost in India:

The prostate cancer surgery cost in India can vary with each different type of surgical procedure. Some of the surgical procedures and the associated costs are described below:

  • Prostate Cancer-Surgical Treatment: 222,000 to 296,000 INR
  • Radical Prostatectomy: 244,200 to 325,600 INR
  • Prostatectomy: 177,600 to 236,800 INR

Recovery: After undergoing a radical prostatectomy, the patient is required to remain hospitalized for 3-4 days. A urinary catheter is inserted which is necessary for a few days after the surgery. Pain and discomfort are managed through medications. Continuation of routine activities is possible within approximately 1-2 weeks, while strenuous and sexual activities should be postponed for 8-10 weeks because the stressful activities take several months to reach their peak levels of normalcy.


Navigating the complexities of cancer treatment requires comprehensive information. India, with its advanced medical facilities and a spectrum of treatment options, stands as a beacon of hope for those battling pancreatic and prostate cancers. Understanding the costs and procedures empowers individuals to make informed decisions on their journey to recovery.