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Compare Energy Rebates and Concessions in Vic

Concessions and rebates are usually allowed in the form of credits and discounts. If you are a Victoria resident, you will need a concession card to qualify. You can become a cardholder by applying through your energy retailer or directly to the government. However, you don’t need a card for rebates and incentive schemes offered by the government. 

You may speak to your local electricity provider to determine if the company offers retail rebates, concessions, or discounts. Websites specifically designed to do energy compare Vic can give you all the information you need about energy rebates and concessions.

Concessions and Rebates in Victoria

It is critical to understand your current pricing structure to understand if you are eligible for concessions. Specific concessions are only available to low-income households.  

Annual Electricity Concession

The Annual Electricity Concession is available all year round for domestic mains electricity usage. Electricity account holders with pensioner concessions cards, health care cards, or Veterans affairs gold cards can apply for it. Residents who qualify are eligible for a total concession of 17.5% on the total electricity cost after retailer discounts and rebates. You may note that the concession does not apply to the first $171 of the annual bill. 

Excess Energy Concession

If your electricity bills are higher than $2,970, you may be eligible for the Excess Energy Concession. This concession is available on domestic mains electricity usage and is usually reviewed every year.

Pension card holders, healthcare cardholders, and Veterans affairs gold cardholders can apply for the excess energy concession. Residents are eligible for a total discount of 17.5% on their annual electricity bill. The concession is computed after retailer discounts and solar credits. 

Winter Gas Concession

The winter gas concession is available for pension card holders, health care cardholders, and Veterans affair gold cardholders in Victoria. The rebate is available for six months on the "winter bill" and does not apply to the first $62.4 bill. If your annual bill amount is higher than $1,644, you will have to apply for the Excess Energy Concession.

Victorian Energy Upgrades

Residents can take advantage of rebates and discounts on energy bills by shifting to energy-efficient appliances and products. The Victorian Energy Upgrades program is part of the government’s efforts to meet annual greenhouse gas reduction targets.

You must check if your energy retailer is an “accredited provider” who generates Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates. The Victorian Energy Upgrades program has supported over 1 million households and 100,000 businesses to upgrade to energy-efficient appliances.

Additional Rebates and Discounts from Retailers

Your energy retailer may offer additional discounts and benefits like green power discounts and bundling discounts. You can save up to $100 on your monthly bill by choosing bundled energy plans. The companies may also offer rewards and bonuses on specific plans. 

Eligible concessions and rebates can help you generate substantial savings. The government offers tools designed for energy comparison. These tools and rate comparison websites for energy compare in Vic help you learn more about concessions and rebates you may be eligible for. Residents may also be eligible for loans and tariffs.