Insults for Tall People
January 30, 2023

Common Insults for Tall People: How to Make a Witty Comeback

insult for tall people

Height discrimination happens for both short and tall people. In a world where bullying is rampant, people tend to find flaws and laugh at the imperfections of others. Height discrimination is a form of discrimination against people whose height does not fall within the acceptable range in a particular place or community. You might think only short people suffer from insults, but tall individuals also have their fair share of experiences.

In the movie entitled "Tall Girl," the main character’s dilemma is not being able to find a love life because the boys in her school are shorter than her and her height intimidates them. Despite being good-looking, the boys would rather date someone their size (or shorter than them, for that matter). These cause her insecurity and sadness, especially because her sister is a popular girl who often joins beauty pageants.

You can never escape the prejudiced eyes of this world. Whether you are thin or fat, light or dark-skinned, tall or short, people will always have insults in their pockets, ready to attack and humiliate you.

Listening to insults could be humorous, especially when you are not the subject. It is good to be mindful, especially since some people are self-conscious about their height. These self-conscious people have their reasons. They are bothered by a feature they cannot change or control. Some words may seem funny and harmless, but believe me, people have different reactions to jokes or insults for tall people.

Common insults for tall people include the following:

How’s the weather up there? How’s the view from up there?
This one is a classic. Later on, we will discuss epic comebacks that will surely leave your bully dumbfounded.

Do you believe in God? I heard that God expresses his disappointment by making sinners taller.

Do you know that tall people die younger?

So much for a savage; this kind of insult crosses the line. This is almost the same as the second statement.

Do you have difficulty finding a boyfriend?

Like what I have shared about the movie "Tall Girl," taller women tend to be victims of such remarks.

Do you need a sunroof in your car?

Well, tall people need to find a vehicle suitable for their height but never did it happen that a tall person had his head sticking out from the vehicle without a sunroof.

Aside from these statements, tall people are also called many nicknames, most of them unflattering. Tall people are given names referring to tall animals or structures. Example: Long Legs, Mount Everest, the Giraffe, Brachiosaurus, a very tall dinosaur, the sky or moonscraper, the Tower, and many more. This is just the same as calling fat people whales, elephants, pigs, walls, etc. Whether the insults are through a joke or a nickname, they can be both offensive and hurtful.

Remember that jokes have a way of coming back to you. You may think mindlessly, but insults sometimes boomerang. If you are a tall person and you have been told the following statements and you do not know how to answer back, here are some samples of epic comebacks guaranteed to silence your bullies.

When someone asks you, "How is the weather there?" or "How’s the view from up there?" Hit them back by saying, "Oh, it’s fine." It’s so clean up here. How about you? "How are you enjoying the dirt there so far?" I guess when you answer this way, they won’t attempt that same joke or won’t attempt even making jokes again.

When someone says, "Do you believe in God?" I heard that God expresses his disappointment by making sinners taller people." Your epic comeback could be: "Luckily, I am an atheist." Or "Oh?" "You also remind me of that 8th dwarf nobody talks about." Way to go! I guess there will be no religious jokes in the next few days.

When someone says, "Do you know that tall people die younger?" You can bust their bubbles by saying, "Thank God I won’t have to keep up with you for longer." Or you could agree with the statistics: "Oh, that’s true!" Statistics show that shorter people have longer lifespans. "It is unfortunate for you to live longer in this crappy world."

When someone remarks, "Do you have difficulty finding a boyfriend?" Honestly, it is indeed difficult to find someone to date when you are a tall lady, especially since boys have pride. You can respond to this by saying, "I’m the kind of lady that is put on a pedestal without actually needing one." That is some girl power right there! Or you can say, "At least, I am not an easy catch."

When someone jokes, "Do you need a sunroof in your car?" Make a comeback by saying, "How about you?" "Do you ride in a minivan?"

When someone jokes, "Why are you always looking down on me?" Respond by saying, "It’s not my fault that you do not have the same height as me."

When someone calls you a nickname, backfire by calling them an appropriate nickname too. People love to bully others when they are easily annoyed and when they let the jokes impact their mood. But when you know how to make a comeback, I swear, they won’t bother you anymore.
When people ask you how tall you are, ask them about their weight. Most people hate to be asked about their weight. That makes two of you.

Giving such remarks can be impactful for tall people. If you ever encounter a tall person or even a short person, keep your comments to yourself, or else you might be in for the biggest backfire of your life. Always prioritize respect and sensitivity.

And if you are a tall person or someone whose height does not fall within a normal or acceptable range, always be strong-hearted and know when to unleash your epic comebacks. You will surely gain their respect and probably shut their mouths.