November 28, 2022




What to buy your teenager for Christmas? Here it is necessary to reconcile the interests of the parent, as well as the gifted teenager - a good gift should not be trivial and at the same time must bring joy.

Finding win-win gifts for teens isn’t that simple. To make it easier than trimming the tree,  you can check here christmas gift for teens. Recent holiday wishes statistics:

  • handy electronics (65%);
  • cash (64%);
  • garments (59%);
  • sports stuff (56%);
  • video gaming goods (54%).

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He can’t do a day without his smartphone, research shows. What’s more, watching video content is one of your boy’s favorite leisure activities when alone. So he’ll be happy to get latest smartphone accessories and portable widescreen devices. Choose smartphone wallet case, powerful charger, or tablet.

Cash ranks high on tween holiday wishlist, survey reveals. To avoid triviality, surprise your guy with generous gift voucher to the store of his passion. If unsure, bet on streaming services, extremely popular with teens. Purchase gaming store coupon, sports shop voucher, Starbucks card, and Netflix subscription.

Outfit accessories are far more important than fancy clothes, guys claim. Cozy garments, however, are good for creating winter holiday atmosphere. Consider waterproof backpack, silver wrist bangle, fancy customized socks, flannel long-sleeve shirt, and patterned sweatshirt.

Outdoor activities are a good chill-out for at least 59%. Basketball and football, for example, are among teenagers’ favorite sports. So related equipment and garments will be awesome Christmas gifts for teen boys. Pick Spikeball game set, laser tag stuff, jogging sneakers, hooded windbreaker jacket, or latest drone.

Playing games is the first reason for using tech. Get your boy immersed into virtual reality with last-model entertainment devices & games. Comfortable furniture and computer accessories will make his gaming experience even more enjoyable. Look for VR 3D glasses, game disc, Bluetooth keyboard, leather armchair, and noise-cancelling headphones.


Finding truly nice Christmas gifts for teen girls is vital. Here’s what win-win treats statistics suggest:

  • clothes & accessories (69%);
  • shopping voucher (64%);
  • tech treats (57%);
  • leisure-related & sports goods (54%);
  • beauty products (52%).

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Fashionable stuff really matters, as for 67%. Let your giftee show off her new threads with cozy winter outfits, home apparel, or special accessories. Start the Christmas gift ideas for teen girls list with warm oversized hoody, wearable home blanket, soft slippers, waterproof backpack, and engraved bracelet.

Online shopping voucher hits the target. That’s because buying things on the net is one of her guilty pleasures (72% prove). Can’t figure out what gift card to choose? According to statistics, reading and exercising are among her free-time favorites. Look for book store card, workout garments shop certificate, and Amazon universal voucher.

TikTok is likely to be among her favorites. Contribute to your giftee’s online experience with handy devices and latest gadget accessories. She’ll be grateful for getting new smartphone, lighting tripod stand, cute headphones, and phone camera lens. You may also explore offers for wholesale iPhones and refurbished ones as well. Not only will this be a practical gift, but also an economical one.

Creative activities are part and parcel of teenage gals’ daily routine. DIY kits, musical instruments, or related tech will certainly inspire your giftee. Consider electric ukulele set, Harry Potter building toy, cake decorating supplies, instant print camera, and tie dye kit.

Individual sports bring lots of joy, according to no more than 42%. Enrich your giftee’s pastime with physical activity choosing winter jogging clothes or indoor equipment. She’ll appreciate unwrapping fleece hiking suit, waterproof running shoes, and home gym set.

Lip makeup cosmetics is incredibly popular, data shows. Skincare products are also highly in demand, according to statistics. Complete your Christmas gifts for teen girls list with bright glues and other makeup stuff. Pair them with anti-imperfections face products to hit the mark! Pick Neutrogena sheer zinc lotion, makeup brushes set, lip liners collection, or soothing masks.