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Changing Habits of Marijuana Consumers

Over the past few decades, cannabis consumer habits have changed quite drastically. Now, this could be due to the legalization of recreational products and marijuana use, but it is also due to the increase in technology output.

For many years, joints were the most popular consumption method, and it was also the easy thing to come by, however, these days, you can find all sorts of different consumption methods that are readily available for anyone of legal age to make use of from bongs to pipes, edibles, to vapes with a glass bubbler, and so much more.

If you want to know more about the changing consumer habit when it comes to marijuana, continue reading.

Vape Pens

These days, with technology ever-evolving, there are so many new and different consumption methods that are making their way into the world, and one of the more popular of these methods happens to be vape pens.

Vape pens allow you to inhale the vapor that comes from heating cannabis. Initially, these were used for those who were looking to stop smoking cigarettes and find another source of nicotine, however, these days, they can be used for all sorts of products, including cannabis products like THC, CBD, and even the dry herb itself.

There are a variety of products to choose from depending on what you want to use from ones that make use of concentrates to ones that use the dry herb itself, or even a 2 in 1 vaporizer like the Storz Bickel Mighty available at online stores like Grasscity. They all essentially do the same thing. While this method may be a bit more expensive than smoking, it is a much healthier alternative.

Dab Rigs

Next up on our list, we have dab rigs. These products are relatively new to the market and have only become popular in the last couple of years. They are great for those who want a quick hit that will be strong and last a while. This is because dab rigs, although similar to bongs, use a concentrate instead of the marijuana itself.

Dab rigs work by heating a part of the device and placing the product on this heated area, which is called the nail. This created smoke which, when inhaled, goes through a water chamber to cool it down before it hits the lungs.

Dab rigs can range from reasonably affordable to incredibly expensive depending on the quality of the product you want. This method can also be a bit more pricey because of the use of concentrates which are far more expensive than marijuana itself.


Moving on, we have the ever-popular edibles. Edibles are probably the method of consumption that has been around for the longest, however, they are more than just brownies that you have baked at home now.

These days you can find all sorts of edibles at your local dispensary, whether they contain THC or CBD, you will find gummies, chocolates, beverages, and so much more.

Edibles are great for those who want an extra kick. The effect of edibles last much longer than that of smoking and it is also far more intense. However, this is a great alternative to smoking.


For those who are in the market for something more medicinal, the next consumption method we have on our list is tinctures. Tinctures are mainly used for medicinal purposes for their fast-acting response. These tinctures are concentrated marijuana drops that are placed under the tongue.

One of the greatest things about tinctures is that when used, you can feel the effects almost immediately. This method isn’t widely used for recreational purposes because it is not very social, and the effects don’t last as long as they might when smoking or eating. However, they are great for those who are looking for some instant relief for pain or even to treat symptoms from various conditions. Tinctures, because they are marijuana concentrates, can tend to be on the more expensive side, but they are well worth it.


last but not least, we have bongs. Bongs are yet another older method of consumption that has seen a spike in popularity over the last few years. They are similar to dab rigs in their shape as well as the fact that the smoke goes through a water chamber before hitting the lungs to cool it down.

Bongs are a great alternative to smoking and are much healthier. They are also great for those wanting just one hit of something. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to come by, and the best part of all is that once you have your bong, you only need to buy your weed and not worry about any other products.