CBD Edibles: The Hype of the Future
October 05, 2021

CBD Edibles: The Hype of the Future

CBD Edibles: The Hype of the Future

Nowadays, the popularity of CBD is staggering. Gone are the days when it was thought of as taboo. Its official use initially began as a form of medication for certain disorders. However, people have started to realize the potential that CBD carries and have since successfully infused it into a great variety of products. Its use is not limited to tinctures and oils anymore. You will be surprised to hear that CBD is in materials like bedsheets and makeup!

There are still a lot of misconceptions regarding the use of CBD these days. Many still believe that it hampers your senses and keeps you stoned as pure marijuana does. Hence, a lot of people still avoid it despite all its beneficial effects.

The good news is, all of this confusion is rapidly clearing up due to the growing popularity of CBD edibles. We believe the development of CBD products still has enormous potential. Do not be surprised if you start finding infused CBD in some of the most basic items you use every day. This article focuses on the positive effects of CBD edibles and why it’s the hype of the future.

What is CBD?

There are two primary components of a cannabis plant: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The “high” feeling that people experience after consuming cannabis is due to the presence of THC as it is a psychoactive chemical. CBD, on the other hand, causes no such effects. Thus, the consumption of CBD is legalized in many countries of the world - with more nations joining the bandwagon. You will now see CBD-infused products in many online marketplaces and retail stores.

Let us dive into some statistics. The global CBD market is worth a whopping 2.8 billion US dollars. Around 65% of the population in the UK are supporters of open CBD access for the masses. Over 50% of millennials refuse to take anti-depressants and opt for CBD treatment instead. It is estimated that the UK CBD market will reach the billion-dollar mark by 2025. The numbers are startling and prove the impact of CBD in our lives these days. There is no denying the benefits of a product that is accepted by millions of people - with those numbers growing at a significant rate.

CBD-Infused Edibles

Let us now take a closer look below at some of the most popular CBD-infused edibles that are in use today.

CBD Gummies

Arguably, the most popular CBD-infused edible is the CBD gummy. It is rare to find a CBD retail outlet that does not sell these cool gummies. There is a wide variety of sizes, flavors, and CBD concentrations that these CBD gummies come in. Gluten-free gummies are available for purchase in dispensaries as well as in general stores.

Not many people dislike chewing gummies, regardless of age and gender. It is one of the most casual things to consume and requires no prior preparation. The biggest advantage of ingesting CBD through gummies is the fact that the taste masks the “earthy” flavor that CBD products tend to have. You can keep chewing a CBD gummy without having to worry about your breath smelling bad.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about the concentration of CBD when consuming these gummies. The amount of infused CBD is monitored and kept consistent throughout the packet. Thus, you will not run the risk of accidental over-consumption.

CBD Honey

As the name suggests, CBD honey is honey infused with CBD. Even without the infusion of CBD, honey has plenty of health benefits that people have capitalized on for years. Ranging from antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to containing a high concentration of antioxidants; honey has it all. The human heart and the cardiovascular system also benefit from honey. Imagine how effective this is when CBD is infused with the already remarkable properties of honey.

CBD-infused honey can be used in a lot of recipes. Many people choose honey over sugar when preparing tea or coffee. This gives the beverage a warm flavor that sugar fails to provide. CBD honey is also implemented in a variety of baked food items like cakes and cookies. Honey used on salad dressing gives it a different and more refreshing taste. The same goes for items like peanut butter and caramel sauce.

Remarkably,  CBD honey does not need to be consumed in order to reap its benefits. It can be applied to the skin as a form of natural ointment for healing minor issues like burns and scratches. In fact, applying this to your face can make it glow.

CBD Drinks

Drinks are most definitely not edibles, but the impact of CBD-infused beverages in the CBD market is quite astonishing. In fact, some of the biggest beverage conglomerates have already started transitioning into this field due to its vast potential.

Beers infused with CBD are really delicious and the effects of both the alcohol and the CBD provide you with a sense of relaxation and peace of mind. CBD-infused beverages are also highly popular among casual sports personalities and their popularity is ever-growing. Many like taking CBD drinks right after an intense workout or practice session to calm their minds and help them ease up. Hotels and bars in CBD legal regions tend to serve CBD-infused drinks almost all the time nowadays.

CBD Chocolates

CBD-infused chocolates are so popular these days that they have surpassed the demand for alcohol-infused variants. Just a few years ago, CBD chocolates were almost non-existent. Fast forward a few years and now CBD chocolates are among every other traditional CBD edibles.

CBD can be infused in almost any flavor of chocolate without the fear of affecting the original taste. This is because chocolates have a strong natural flavor that overpowers the bland taste of CBD. Children requiring CBD for medication are usually prescribed with these infused chocolates as they would have next to no issues eating them. Thus, a lot of established chocolate brands are adopting the use of CBD in their production lines these days.

CBD Edible Benefits

By now you are well aware of the variety of CBD-infused food items with versions that are increasingly getting popular because people prefer to ingest CBD instead of smoking. This section focuses on the reasons behind it.

Provides Prolonged Relief from Stress

As CBD edibles are ingested as opposed to smoked, the effects take time to hit. However, once it does, the feeling persists for a relatively long period of time. This is because the infused CBD is released over a longer stretch of time, as the food is being digested. On average, this state lasts for about three hours, although it is totally dependent on the amount you consume. This characteristic of CBD edibles is one of the key reasons doctors prescribe this to patients suffering from anxiety and depression.

The Lungs Are Spared

Smoking is the biggest cause of lung cancer. The toxic carcinogens present are extremely dangerous for the lungs and are the primary components that contribute to cancer. Furthermore, inhaling smoke, no matter the form, is a stressful experience for your lungs. Thus, eating CBD instead of smoking is significantly healthier and the best way to avoid severe health disorders.

Edibles Are Easy to Infuse With CBD

Infusing CBD into dishes is easier and more convenient than you might think. You can also determine the quantity of CBD infused in the edibles that you cook yourself. The ones that you purchase online or from retail outlets also contain a fixed amount of CBD that you can check out before purchasing. Thus, you can always be in control of your CBD intake if you choose edibles over smoking. This is crucial for patients who need exact quantities based on their prescriptions.

Relatively Negligible Side Effects

If you take the right dose,  the chances of you facing any side effects of CBD consumption are low. Experts have claimed that higher concentrations amplify the effects of medication. While this is certainly not advised, it does show how CBD really works. In case you do take a very high dose, the effects won’t be lethal, although your doctor would definitely recommend you to avoid it.

Final Thoughts

The world of CBD edibles is profound and exponentially growing. Nowadays people have begun to experiment with the infusion of CBD in a variety of products - something that was previously unheard of. Make sure you know everything about CBD edibles before placing your first order. This way you will know what to go for based on your personal preferences and needs.