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Can you Build Tolerance to Delta-8?

Can you Build Tolerance to Delta-8?

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Delta-8 THC is an emergent cannabinoid with numerous health benefits. Unlike its analog THC or Delta-9 THC, it is not as euphoric and does not have the side effects of anxiety, paranoia, or psychosis. It makes it possible to tap the health benefits of THC without worrying about its side effects.

While Delta-9 THC is federally illegal, Delta-8 products are legal, and can you buy them from your local cannabis dispensary. You can try Delta 8 gummies, but take them in moderation because you can build tolerance.

Delta-8 THC Tolerance

One of the most beneficial effects of Delta-8 is its quick tolerance. While it may seem like a bad thing, it is effective against abuse. Users of Delta-8 soon build tolerance, making it less addictive. When an individual becomes tolerant to the cannabinoid, it is still effective therapeutically.

Can you Build Tolerance to Delta-8? 

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Building tolerance against Delta-8 is an advantage because you can take excess amounts without the fear of addiction. The tolerance to Delta-8 helps prevent addiction to its psychoactive effects. People who use it for treatment can, therefore, use it in the long-term.

While researchers understand that people quickly build tolerance to Delta-8, there is still inadequate research to determine its long-term outcomes. As opposed to Delta-9, Delta-8 has a delayed onset of effects. Inhalation, which has the quickest onset of effects, can have effects within 20 minutes. The effects also last longer and can take even five hours to wane off.

How To Dose Delta-8 THC To Avoid Tolerance

Spread Doses

When it comes to cannabinoids, it is advisable to start slow and adjust your dosage slowly with time. Everyone reacts differently to cannabis. So, it takes time for someone to find the dosage that works perfectly for their body.

Factors such as an individual’s metabolism, physique, age, and other attributes affect how people react to cannabis. One must consider these factors when determining the dosage. Experts advise starting with an oral dosage of 10 to 40 milligrams. It is also advisable to space out your dosage. If you start with a daily dosage of 30 milligrams per day, you can spread them to three doses of 10 milligrams each throughout the day.

Ingested Delta-8 THC can take a while before the effects set in; so, don’t be tempted to take more. The effects can also last as long as 12 hours, after which you can take another dose.


Micro-dosing involves taking Delta-8 THC in small amounts. Since the level entering the bloodstream is too small, your body will not build tolerance to the cannabinoid so fast. Micro-dosing is also effective if you want to break down your tolerance.

People who have built tolerance against Delta-8 THC should consider micro-dosing. Instead of taking one large dose at a time, take small doses throughout the day. This allows Delta-8 THC to enter your system slowly, reducing the effects that lead to tolerance.

Delta-8 THC has slight euphoric effects, which many people don’t feel when they micro-dose. High doses increase the amount of THC reaching the brain, leading to tolerance.

Avoid Intense Physical Activity

Ingested Delta-8 THC takes time to metabolism and is released slowly into the bloodstream. Any activity that increases metabolism will increase the amount of Delta-8 THC released into the bloodstream within a short time.

You may want to relax after taking Delta-8 THC to allow the body to metabolize the product naturally. This will ensure that the body releases small doses of THC into the bloodstream at a time.

Does THC Tolerance Break Work?

You might get to a point when your tolerance level is so high that you decide to take a break from THC. But do these breaks help? THC breaks are helpful, but it depends on your tolerance level. People who have become highly tolerant might need more extended breaks.

Individuals who are starting to build tolerance can take a two-week break. But how do you know that you are building tolerance? If you need more Delta-8 THC to get high than you used to, you have become tolerant.

Can you Build Tolerance to Delta-8? 

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Another sign of tolerance is a constant desire to get high. If you just want Delta-8 THC for its euphoric effects, it might be time to take a break. Tolerance to THC might not have any physical, but it is not healthy to be dependent on any drug.

Health experts recommend a tolerance break of one month to clear the THC from your system. Your body will flush the THC in your system, rest, and adjust to its normal working parameters.

If you are highly dependent on THC, you might feel withdrawal symptoms when taking a tolerance break. In such a case, you can micro-dose until your withdrawal effects subside. Miro-dosing will not get you high but will help you get through the withdrawal.


Developing tolerance to THC of any form is inevitable for frequent users. Tolerance does not affect Delta-8 THC’s therapeutic effects. However, it makes its euphoric effects less effective. You might have to take more of the product than before to feel the same effects. Luckily, it’s something you can manage.