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Buying Flip flops Every Summer Adds Up- Find Out How to Cut Down Costs Here

People tend to buy flip-flops during the summer because they are more valuable as beachwear than most shoes. However, this changed after their sales surged during the pandemic.

During this time, people have been buying them to stay comfortable while working from home due to lockdown and other reasons. As a result, flip-flops have become versatile with people wearing them throughout the year.

The main idea behind flip-flops is to comfort when doing specific activities. For instance, they are popular during summer because people don't need socks when wearing them, they don't collect sand when walking around the beach, and anyone can quickly slip them on and off. 

Whether you are buying flip-flops for business or personal use, you need to cut down their cost to save an extra buck or generate more profits as a business owner. So how do you do it? 

Buy Them at a Wholesale Price 

If you have an online shop, buying flip-flops in bulk can help you make more profits. You can also purchase them wholesale if you have a big family. The total price is not easy, especially if you are a novice. Research various wholesale suppliers online to make an informed decision.

Additionally, you might want to consider the kind of flip-flops you want to give your family or your customers when buying them in bulk. Usually, customizing the footwear ensures you provide your family or clients with a personal touch.

Note that the manufacturer or distributor can do that for you at a lower price if you buy a lot of them.  Generally speaking, you want to order good quality flip-flops at a fair price. 

Consider Buying Comfortable Colorful Men's and Women's Flip-Flops for Any Occasion 

Besides purchasing stylish flip-flops, there are several factors you need to consider first. In this scenario, the primary factor has to be comfortable. It helps you avoid injuries, pain, and aches while wearing your flip-flops. For that reason, the following tips will ensure you buy colorful men’s and women’s flip flops for any occasion while taking care of consumers' health. 

  • If you buy flip-flops in bulk for your family, establish everyone's size first. This way, they can avoid health issues and discomfort when enjoying their summer wear. 
  • Consider buying flip-flops with supportive insoles for enhanced comfort. Usually, people go for cushioned ones since they are more comfortable than others.  
  • Wedged flip-flops or slightly-heeled flip-flops are more supportive than their flat counterparts. This is because they help users avoid placing their feet flat while walking or standing. 
  • And since you want to avoid discomfort and injuries, purchasing flip-flops with wide straps could be helpful. They increase the grip between your feet and the footwear, helping you avoid blisters and redness caused by tighter straps. As a result, your family or customers can walk properly knowing that they are not exposed to any health risks. 
  • Suppose you are unsure which durable and comfortable material to buy, go for leather ones. They prevent blisters and are more durable compared to most materials. Besides, leather is eco-friendly, unlike neoprene and synthetic rubber. 

Avoid Buying Flip Flops that Break or Get Lost Every Year 

People buy travel flip-flops all year round, as stated above. They usually find themselves replacing the previously-bought footwear after losing them or due to breakages and damages. This is because they lack the knowledge of purchasing flip-flops that don't get lost or last longer when subjected to different environmental conditions.

Fortunately, achieving the above strategy is simple; evaluate the activity level and usage.  

If you buy flip-flops for different occasions, consider how the consumer will use them. Start with a simple task of evaluating activity levels in these particular events.

In this case, ask yourself if you want to buy one pair of flip-flops after every three years or three pairs of flip-flops once per year. Whether you engage in hiking, beach, or rough terrains activities, your decision matters in purchasing flip-flops that last longer. 

On the other hand, usage plays a role when purchasing flip-flops that you don't want to replace. For instance, you can use them as primary walking shoes around your residence. You might even want to use them for longer distances or wear them in the house.

Because all these activities affect your choice when purchasing flip-flops, it is essential to research which types are ideal for a particular activity. 

And since what matters, in this case, is their material, here are the most commonly used material in making flip-flops today:

  • Rubber: You can bend rubber flip-flops since they don't break easily, making them ideal for hiking.  
  • Neoprene: The material is excellent for water activities 
  • Foam: They are lightweight, comfortable, and can absorb shock
  • Leather: These don't require regular replacements since their straps are durable and more comfortable 
  • Polyester: The material makes water-resistant flip-flops that are thinner and more lightweight 

Consider Flip-Flops Sustainability When Purchasing Them  

In this case, consider the importance of sustainability in general. Ask yourself if you want flip-flops with a low carbon footprint. Also, consider the number of flip-flops you wish to purchase throughout the year. 

These considerations will determine whether you are a minimalist or not. For instance, people usually need more than one pair of flip-flops; some for showers, others for beach activities, more durable ones for outdoor walking, and flip-flops to use in shared hotel rooms. That means it is hard to own one pair even if you want to be environmentally friendly. 

Luckily, you can opt for Waves flip flops which are 100% eco-friendly. These materials are free of any harmful chemicals, vegan, biodegradable, and are 100% recyclable. They are also comfortable and durable because they have a natural spongy texture. 

The Bottom Line

The first trick of purchasing flip-flops that last to save you money or attract more customers is comfort. Always know what different feet need since flip-flops aren't the same for everyone. For instance, if kids don't feel comfortable wearing flip-flops, they are more likely to lose or throw the flip-flops away.

Also, ensure you purchase the suitable material for a particular activity to avoid breakages or lose the footwear. Finally, if you want to lower environmental pollution, try recyclable materials.