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Building of New Data Centers in Singapore on a Temporary Halt

Governments have shown increasing concern over the resource consumption of data centers and Singapore is no exception. If you are a new business and on the look for some rack space, you will need to take out where to find a data center in Singapore. No new data centers can be built until Singapore lifts the temporary ban.

Building of New Data Centers in Singapore

The Governmental Concerns

Worldwide, data centers use around 1% of all energy consumption. In Singapore, the figure reached 7% and will probably reach double digits in the next few years by the rate at which new ones are built.

Despite Singapore being a relatively small state, it does have a strong infrastructure that can compete with tier-1 markets such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Sydney. The IT capacity of Singapore makes it an appealing place for businesses. For this reason, Google decided to build one of their largest data centers in Asia in Singapore.

The Solution For Small Businesses

As the ban on building new data centers is temporary, rack space prices in existing data centers should not increase. However, there will be less and less space to rent. If you are looking for solutions as to where to find a data center in Singapore, you will need to look at the existing infrastructure rather than wait for new data centers to be built as it can take a while until the situation will clear up.

One thing that the ban does not prohibit is the expansion of existing data centers. What most data centers that have racks for rent as expected to do are to make their current real estate function more efficiently. This means adding more rack space to existing facilities.

In return, the power consumption for existing data centers will increase. The only way to counteract the increase in consumption that led to the ban in the first place is to implement solutions for sustainable energy. Photovoltaic panels could be a sustainable source of power to cover some of the energy needs of these facilities.

For existing business owners that need rack space, they will need to work with existing facilities. As the demand increases due to the diminishing availability in data centers, data center owners will most likely seek out solutions to increase their capacity.

Building of New Data Centers in Singapore

Limited Rack Space

As data centers start reaching their capacity, it may become increasingly difficult to find rack space. The only solution is to work with multiple data centers. Singapore is a popular data center hub and will eventually lift the ban as it develops new regulations and works with data center operators to find new solutions to reduce the energy needs of the industry and their water consumption.

When the ban will be lifted, it could take 12 to 24 months for new data centers to be built. Until then, the only option is to check out where to find a data center in Singapore and check the available capacity. This can be done using various portals that map the existing data centers across Singapore along with their contact data.