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Build Your Own Watch: Tools You Need For Watch Modding

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Build Your Own Watch: Tools You Need For Watch Modding

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Watches are wearable devices that mainly tell time, among other things it can do, as seen on modern models nowadays. It’s one of humankind’s best inventions and is still valuable even now that technology has taken over because many have taken to it as a fashion accessory. What makes them even more interesting is that you can modify some models to your liking, or in other terms, modding.

Modding is short for modifying and is a hobby of many watch enthusiasts. It’s the act of modifying a watch by replacing original parts with different ones. One of the best things about it is that you don’t need to be a horologist (professional watchmaker) to do it.

Even you can mod watches; you just need to learn how to do it, the parts you want to use, and the tools you need. Like a professional, it’s necessary to have the right tools to make your stylized watch. Read about the different watch modding tools you need to have in this blog.


Almost every watch that exists has screws that you’ll need to remove and put back when modding. Thus, you’ll need screwdrivers with you. It’s a common tool every modder should have when they’re working.

You’ll find different sizes of screws on watches, so having a screwdriver set is an optimal choice. You should also consider using anti-magnetic screwdrivers to avoid breaking watch accuracy. Exposure to magnetism cause watches to gain time more often, or worse, stop them from working.

Bezel remover tool

The bezel is one of the most desirable watch parts to replace because it’s at the center of each one. Bezels are mainly found on sports watches, and you’ll need a tool to remove them if you want to mod yours. You’ll also need to remove it if you want to replace the parts inside the case.

You can buy different bezel removers, but if you have a slim-enough blade you can use to wedge itself between your watch bezel and case, that’s good enough. In addition, you can use tape to prevent scratching the case and bezel by taping surfaces that can get scuffed while removing the bezel.

Crystal press

You can also replace your watch crystal; however, it’s a delicate part. Removing and installing a new crystal can be frustrating because it will damage your watch if you don’t do it evenly. That’s why you’ll need a correct crystal press for crystal removal and installation.

Apart from installing and removing crystals, you can also use a crystal press to align a chapter ring for Seiko watches and install a new bezel. You should know that there are several variations of a crystal press, but the commonly recommended one is the screw-down. A screw-down crystal press will give you precise control during the crystal installation.

Movement holder

A movement holder comes in handy not just with modding watches, but also with repairing and building them. You’ll need this tool to handle your watch’s movement mechanism, which is extremely sensitive. You need a sturdy holder so that it won’t slip when you’re working on it.

There are two types of movement holders you can use: rubber and wooden. Regardless of your choice, it has to help you protect your movement from sustaining scratches.

Caseback remover

You’ll need a caseback remover if you want to modify the inner parts of a watch. It allows you to access the movement and lessens the risk of leaving scratches on the case. You’ll need to use the proper remover for the style of watch you’re modding.

For screw-down case backs, you’ll use either of these three: watch case opener friction ball, watch spanner wrench, and three-prong wrench. For casebacks with individual screws, you can use your screwdrivers, and a watch back opener knife for a pop back case.

Link remover

A link remover is used to adjust the size of a watch’s bracelet. Like case backs, each watch comes with a different bracelet. Some have pins, while others have screws, so you need the appropriate remover for both.

A bracelet vise is for clamp for screwing and unscrewing bracelet pins. Block and hammer are for removing links, and a spring bar tool removes spring bands.


A tweezer comes in handy for reaching areas that are hard to reach. It’s also useful for handling tiny components. You’ll also want to consider using non-magnetic tweezers to not risk magnetizing the movement.

Wrap up

With these tools, you can mod any watch you like. Make sure to use them well to get the desired look that you want to wear.







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