Polo T Shirts for Men and Women
September 02, 2020

Best Styling Options for Polo T Shirts for Men and Women

Polo T Shirts for Men and Women

We all love to wear polo t-shirts anytime and anywhere.

Polo t-shirt is one of our favorite pieces of clothing in the wardrobe, but it is not a clothing item that comes in with much enthusiasm as it deserves.

I believe its ubiquity is just because of the misconceptions associated with this style.

Many people consider polo shirts as a uniform of some primary school, or an outfit for a pizza delivery guy, and so on. These are misconceptions, and nothing else. A polo t-shirt does not deserve this kind of ignorance.

Polo t-shirts are for anyone and everyone. You can wear it anywhere you want, and look absolutely stunning.

Falling between a dress shirt and a t-shirt, a polo shirt is an ideal piece of clothing for hundreds of men and women who want to look good in casual gatherings and meet-ups. Unlike formal garments, polo shirts are comfier and relaxing to put on for romantic dates, family gatherings, and when you are scratching your head on what to wear and whatnot.

You can even wear this breathable and chic polo shirt in casual daily wear. It makes you look notch when you wear it with proper styling. The best thing about this cool shirt is you do not need to spend hours or put much effort into making it your summer stunning style.

Not limited to formal uniforms, or for one-type wear, polo shirts have got immense fame from many brands. These brands have various kinds of polo shirts for different gatherings. Browse through the range, and grab the style you believe is made for you now.

To cut a long story short, the polo shirt is not only appealing to wear but highly versatile.

In this piece of writing, we will check out some amazing styles of polo shirts, and we can make the most of each of the styles.

So, let's take a drive in!

Styling Options for Polo t shirts for women’s and Men

  • Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

A short sleeve polo shirt is a classic design that will never get fade with time. It is designed for men and women who want to show off their athletic muscles and get vows from people.

With a classic short-sleeve polo shirt, you have numerous options in pairings and styles. Combine your favorite polo shirt with jeans and chinos, and don a blazer with loafers, and put on stylish sneakers to complete your looks. You can also wear suit pant with a short sleeve polo shirt.

  • Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Polo shirt is often considered to be a clothing style for hot sunny months, but this breathable shirt can also make you stand out in the cold winter. Polo shirts with long sleeves, paired with a pant made of thick fabric, can make a good winter suit. This combo works very well for anyone who loves to wear polo shirts all the time.

  • Knitted Polo Shirts

A knitted polo shirt is an evergreen piece of clothing. You can wear this polo shirt whenever you want, either in cooler or warmer months. It is made of wool or cotton. It gives you a cushy, soft, and relaxing feel. Get your favorite knitted polo shirts paired with slim tapered trousers, and complete your outfit with a suede jacket.

  • Classic Cotton Polo Shirts

Classic cotton polo shirts are one of the oldest clothing items that have revolutionized contemporary menswear. They have button-down collars.

This style helps you look chic and fashionable. You can put on this classical shirt for any occasion that is not formal, and feel relax all the time.

Add-on: Polo Shirt Dos and Don'ts

  1. Classic shades for polo t shirts for girls and boys are white, black, and blue. You must own at least one shirt in each of these classic shades. These colors are universal and may go with almost all styles.
  2. Whether you need to tuck your shirt or remain it untuck, it totally depends on the event you are going. If you want a little formal look, feel free to tuck. Untucking is more casual. Tuck your shirt if your shirt is long.
  3. People used to layer polo upon polo because it was a trend, but it has receded now, so avoid doing this. Make sure you do not put on multiple polo’s at a time. One polo at a time, please.
  4. Be careful about contrasting the colors or choosing graphics.
  5. Avoid wearing an undershirt under your polo shirt. Undershirt makes you appear a little bulky, and also, you may feel a little uncomfortable. If you need to wear an undershirt, make sure it won't be visible.
  6. Do not undo all the buttons as it gives you a sloppy look. Button at least one button to look good.
  7. Do not choose a shirt with a pocket on the breast, unless secured. You might think it classy as it enhances your shirt's visual interest, but the style is not practical. Also, it can detract from the sharpness of your shirt, so avoid buying such shirts.
  8. Do not wear a shirt with a large logo. Avoid wearing shirts with corporate logos. Though a logo on the breast of the shirt has been one more tolerable, it looks a little bogus to wear shirts with big logos. If you still want to wear such shirts, make sure a logo will not be big or has loud colors.
  9. Do not stick with one or two colors. Play with brighter and exciting colors. Get a style that is a little different, too, like experiment with greens, reds, purples, or even pinks.

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