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Best Social Media Platform for Growth in 2021

Have you ever noticed just how many businesses and brands are starting to market themselves on social media and want to know if this actually works? Do you want to start marketing your business on social media but have no idea where to start or even what platforms would be best for you?

The social media landscape has expanded incredibly in the past few years starting out with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and now adding TikTok and Instagram to the list of some of the most popular ones around. Facebook is a platform that ushered in a new era of social media, and Instagram took over the game becoming one of the most versatile platforms.

Social media is a fantastic way for businesses and brands to communicate with their customers and advertise their products to the world. However, choosing the right platforms can be difficult.

While all of the platforms are essentially the same in that they are social media platforms, they are actually quite different in what they offer both the users and businesses. If you are having trouble choosing the right platform for you, here is everything you need to know about the various popular social media platforms in 2021.


One of the oldest of the popular social media platforms is Twitter. Launched all the way back in 2006, Twitter has managed to amass over 300 million active monthly users. While this doesn’t make it the most popular, it is still high on the list, added to the fact there are growth services like Twesocial that make it possible to buy real Twitter followers.

Twitter is a micro-blogging style platform where you can post tweets containing a limited number of characters. In recent years, they have also allowed for users to post images, videos and gifs, which makes it a great platform for brands to gain customers for growth.

Twitter is primarily used for comedy, but there is so much that one could post here and so many niches to be a part of such as sport, politics, house and home, and more. Typically, this platform is used more by millennials as it is a platform they have grown up with.


Instagram is the platform of all social media platforms. It initially started out as a place where you could just share photos with your friends and family, but now it is so much more than that. These days, Instagram now offers a multitude of features on which you can post both videos and photos.

Instagram is all about selling a lifestyle and you will always see that the most successful accounts make sure to have the best quality content possible. When you are posting a video tutorial, or showing off a picture of where you spent your last vacation, the quality is top notch. On Instagram you can reach a variety of demographics from teens all the way up to millennials.


The newest of all the social media platforms, TikTok, has also somehow managed to become the most popular and the most-used social media app, with over a billion active monthly users since 2016. Even though the app is still fairly new, it is said to be the most downloaded app in the app store.

TikTok is a short form video sharing platform that allows you to record, edit, and post your videos for your followers and other users to see. These videos are genuine, authentic, and in the moment which make it great for people who don’t have access to impressive equipment.

Typically, TikTok reaches an audience of mostly teens and tween, and also a few young adults. If you are looking to become successful on TikTok, you need to cater your content towards them.


Last but not least we have Facebook. Another one of the older platforms, Facebook, is an app that issued more to keep in touch with friends than to find entertainment. Although there are plenty of accounts that are dedicated to mems, funny videos, and more.

Facebook is a great place for those looking to reach an older audience. It is easy to navigate, and you even have the option of posting in a marketplace to make selling and shopping that much easier. On Facebook you will find all sorts of content, but the best part about it is that it is easy to find the people that you know.