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Best Herschel Backpacks To Use When Traveling

Herschel backpacks are very popular not only among travelers in North America but in many parts of the world, and the reason behind that is very clear. To many people, style comes first, and any purchase has to be stylish, regardless of what its purpose is meant to be.

Also, to many people, functionality is a major consideration, and any product that is not as functional as it should be is a no in their thoughts. On the other hand, many people look for versatile products, a product that can be useful in one situation and still come in handy in an entirely different scenario, a product that is not of limited use. 

With Herschel bags, patrons are certain that they can get the best of all these worlds; bags that are not only functional but also stylish and versatile. In addition, these bags are cost-effective, and with a discount code Herschel it is even cheaper to purchase these products than many other goods. 

If you are looking to add some Herschel backpacks to your collection, then here are some options you should consider:

1. Little America Flapover Backpack

The Little America product is one of Herschel’s most sought-after beauties. If you are a traveler or intend to travel anytime soon, then you should add this product to your cart as it can cater to all your traveling needs. Though it is called Little America, this backpack has a capacity of 25L, giving you more than enough space to carry all your traveling needs conveniently. In addition, it has a 15-inch laptop padded sleeve with nice paddings on the straps, making it easier to carry for a long time, regardless of the weight. 

If you choose to buy this product, you do not also have to go for the regular neutral colors that most backpacks offer, as you have thirty-six color options to choose from. 

2. Settlement Backpack

If Little America is too big for you, then the Settlement backpack is a better option as it has a smaller capacity of 23L with the 15-inch laptop sleeve, giving you enough space for your traveling essentials and the comfort Little America comes with. The Settlement backpack also comes in several colors and has different patterns, giving you many options, and they all come with a cute pocket and key clip. 

3. Buckingham Backpack

If you are a traveler who likes to take a lot of essentials with you, this backpack is perfect for you. It is Herschel’s biggest backpack yet, with a capacity of 33L. It has a similar design to Little America but with more space, making it easy to keep things organized in such a big space. The Buckingham backpack has two outside compartments where you can store your water bottles, two front pockets, and a pocket with a zippered lid. 

4. Mammoth Backpack

The Mammoth backpack is from Herschel's Trail collection and is simply gorgeous. The Mammoth backpack comes in 18L and 23L capacities, giving you options depending on your need. The most adorable features of this backpack are its sunglasses and water bottle compartments. With these features, you always know where your sunglasses are without having to rummage through your backpack every time, and you can safely store water in your backpack without the risk of being dehydrated on your trip. It also has a laptop sleeve with sternum support that can be adjusted and a water-resistant coating.

5. Packable Daypack

This is a very lightweight bag that is not only very versatile and stylish but is also functional. This daypack is made with lightweight polyester, enabling it to be easily folded into an internal pocket, so it is easy to just throw into your luggage, just in case the need arises. It is a bag that you can easily carry around in your luggage as it does not take up unnecessary space and put to good use when it is needed.


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